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Surviving The Superstorm - Day Three

The "superstorm" may have passed, but the Washington region is far from out to the woods -- we'll chat with local officials who are monitoring Sandy's continued effects on the area.

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D.C. Area Braces For Hurricane Sandy

Utilities and public officials throughout the D.C. area are hunkering down and dusting off their storm preparedness plans in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Sandy early next week. 

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Coastal Residents Getting Ready For Hurricane Sandy

Officials in Ocean City, Md. are concerned about the track being taken by Hurricane Sandy, which models suggest could hit the Delmarva Peninsula as it makes its way up from the south Atlantic.

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Satellites And Storm-Tracking Technology

U.S. government polar satellites provided 84 percent of the data used by American storm researchers to forecast Hurricane Sandy's path. But those satellites are aging rapidly. Tech Tuesday explores the science -- and politics -- behind polar satellites.

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Storm Knocks Out Power For Thousands

Tornado warnings have  come and gone, but thousands of area residents are without power after strong gusts knocked down power lines across the D.C. area.

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Area Winter Will Be A White One, Almanac Says

Driven by an El Nino pattern in the Pacific, one of the region's oldest almanacs is forecasting a Winter heavily-laden with snow.

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More Flash Flooding In Bloomingdale During Sunday's Storms

Sunday's heavy rains caused flash floods in parts of Northwest, including flood-prone Bloomingdale. 

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Travelers To Hit The Road For Labor Day

Despite higher gas prices, more travelers are expected to hit the road this Labor Day weekend.

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Isaac Drives Gas Prices Up In D.C. Area

The D.C. area may have missed Isaac, but drivers may still feel some of the effects... at the pump.

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Deadline Looms For Virginia To Request Storm Damage Funds

The deadline for Virginia officials and state non-profit groups to request federal aid for storm damage is Sept. 13.