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Analysis: 'Snowquester' Shuts Down Government, Hearing On Redskins' Name Resumes

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about whether the government made the right decision to shut down for the so-called "snowquester."

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Old Town Businesses Bemoan Losses From Snowquester

The snow accumulation yesterday may have been unspectacular for those inside the Beltway, but for owners of small business, the effects were no less noticeable.

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Despite Snowquester, Waterfront-Based Nonprofit Keeps Working

A Virginia nonprofit organization based out of a Potomac River boathouse continued working to help troubled teens Wednesday despite anticipation of a winter storm.
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March (Weather) Madness

A late winter snow storm is blanketing the Washington region with a mix of snow and rain. We get an update on how the region is faring thus far.

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Live Blog: Winter Storm Warning Downgraded For The Region, Advisory In Effect Until 9 p.m.

Get the latest snow updates on our liveblog, alongside weather radar, traffic, photos, travel alerts and tweets from around the D.C. region.

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'Snowquester' Bears Down As Winter Watch Upgraded West Of D.C.

A winter storm is bearing down on the D.C. region, which forecasts say will drop more snow than the D.C. region has seen all winter combined.

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Winter Storm Watch In Effect For Tuesday Night, Wednesday

This winter has been largely snow-free so far with less than one and a half inches accumulating in the District, but that could change as a storm rolls in on Tuesday night.

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D.C. Area Sees Mostly Rain, While Blizzard Targets Northeast

As a storm gears up to dump feet of snow on a large swath of the Northeast and New England, the only effects felt so far in the D.C. area, outside of some rain, are delays for those travelling to affected areas.

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Huntington Residents Spared Flooding, Calls For Floodwall No Less Urgent

The low-lying Huntington neighborhood was spared the effects of flooding that have afflicted Maryland since Wednesday night, which has residents calling all the more urgently for the floodwall that was approved.