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Hurricane Sandy Debris Pickup Guide

Pickup of storm debris varies in different jurisdictions throughout the D.C. region; here's a roundup of what you can do with all the leaves and branches in your yard. 

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Potomac Flooding Still A Risk Through Wednesday

Officials in and around the District are still watching water levels closely after Hurricane Sandy, as inches of rain and melting snow from the areas around the river's headwaters make their way down to the D.C. area.

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Pepco Enjoys A Bright Moment After Hurricane Sandy

The D.C. area fared rather well during Hurricane Sandy — something that has electric utility Pepco in the unusual position of accepting praise from both local officials and customers alike.

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Treatment Plant Back Online After Dumping Sewage Into Howard Co. River

A Howard County sewage treatment plant dumped millions of gallons of sewage into an area river, and with power back on, officials are continuing to monitor bacteria levels.

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Sandy Scare Underscores Importance Of Bond Initiative For Huntington Residents

A low-lying Huntington neighborhood was spared major flooding from Superstorm Sandy, but the near-miss has helped reinforce some residents' support for a $30 bond initiative for flood mitigation.

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Coastal Cleanup Begins After Hurricane Sandy

Officials along the Delmarva coast are still assessing the situation after Hurricane Sandy before giving the all clear for residents and others to return to their homes. Several major area roads have been reopened. 

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After Sandy: Eastern Shore And The Region's Roadways

We get updates on storm damage from WAMU Coastal Reporter Bryan Russo and The Washington Post's Dr. Gridlock.

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Superstorm Sandy: The Fallout

We get an update from public officials, utilities and reporters who are following the storm's aftermath.