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Ocean City's Beach Replenishment Project Earns High Praise

Lawmakers say Ocean City's beach replenishment program proved its worth during Hurricane Sandy.

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Risk, Rising Seas And Regional Coastlines

How local beachfront communities are preparing for the worst, and whether those efforts are enough in an increasingly unpredictable climate.

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Ocean City's Pier To Get Post-Hurricane Facelift

The destruction of the Ocean City pier was one of the more dramatic moments in the D.C. area when Hurricane Sandy made landfall, but efforts are already underway to restore the landmark.

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New Data Reveals Greater Impact Of 2011 Virginia Quake

The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the 2011 east coast earthquake was felt over an area 20 times larger than previous research suggested.

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Paying For A Superstorm

Our region may have dodged the worst of Superstorm Sandy, but experts say now's the time to check your insurance policy to make sure you're covered when the next storm hits.

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After Sandy, Thousands In Garrett County Still Without Power

The effects of Sandy have mostly abated in the D.C. area, but out in western Maryland, as many as 3,900 homes remain without power after Superstorm Sandy dumped feet of snow on them.

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Assateague Island National Seashore Partially Reopens

A portion of Maryland's Assateague Island National Seashore has partially reopened, after sustaining storm damage last week.

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Coastal Residents Healing After Close Brush With Hurricane Sandy

ocean city flooding

Already the physical rebuilding has begun on the Eastern Shore in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. For those who felt the storm's effects most acutely, there comes emotional rebuilding as well.

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Winter Is Coming: D.C. Tests Out New Plow Tracking System

The District is testing out a new program that will give plow drivers a live view of the streets they're covering, instead of relying on the old system of paper maps.

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Reporter's Diary: Living, Breathing, Covering Super Storm Sandy

We'll pull on our slickers and Wellies and hear what it's like to be the reporter whose job is to brave the driving rain and report on a hurricane.