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After Death Threat, Loudoun County Sikh Man Speaks

A Sikh family living in Loudoun County is hoping police will find the people that sent them death threats this week. 

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Romney Wins Virginia GOP Primary Amidst Low Turnout

As expected, Mitt Romney has been declared the winner of the GOP Presidential primary in Virginia, taking 59 percent of the votes in a contest that failed to generate much interest in the commonwealth.

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Speeding Prince George's Council Member Gets Retroactive Ticket

Following more than a week of bad press after Prince George's councilwoman Karen Toles received only a warning for driving more than 50 mph over the posted speed limit, a review panel has opted to cite her for reckless driving.

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Activists March For Fracking Tax In Maryland

Opponents of the controversial fracking techniqueare marching in support of a bill introduced in Maryland that would impose a tax on land leased for extracting natural gas.

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Metro Releases Top 10 Stations With Most Crime In 2011

Metro has compiled the list of the most dangerous stations in the system, with Deanwood and Anacostia stations having the most dangerous crimes in 2011. Overall, crime is down 16 percent throughout the Metro system.

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GWU Library Evacuated After Report Of Gunman

A gunman spotted near George Washington University late Monday night caused the school's main library to be evacuated. The gunman was not apprehended.

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In GOP Primary, Va. Voters See Limited Influence

Virginia voters will vote in the presidential primary today, but some are worried that their limited ballot choices will mean diminished influence for the primary's results.

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Proposed Loyalty Oath Hurts Interest In Virginia GOP Primary

The Virginia Republican party reconsidered requiring a loyalty oath of primary voters, but residents of the commonwealth report that the controversy had a chilling effect on their interest in the contest.

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Suspicious Money Orders Linked To Vincent Orange

Money orders from friends and associates of Jeffrey Thompson, a prolific political donor whose office was raided last week, have been tied to D.C. councilmember Vincent Orange.

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D.C. Cashes In On Traffic Fines From 2011

The District collected nearly $93 million in traffic fines last year.