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Handicapped Drivers Receive 1,100 Additional Parking Meters In D.C.

DC's Department of Transportation has begun to install 1,100 more parking meters for handicapped drivers in the city.

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Maryland Students Create Award-Winning Video On Teen Dating Violence

In Maryland, four students at a Germantown school have won an award for producing an online video recognizing National Teen Dating Violence Month.

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Shooting At DC USA Concerns Neighbors

Four years, almost to the day of DC USA's grand opening in the Columbia Heights neighborhood, there was a shooting at the District's largest retail operation.

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UMD Student Arrested For Threatening Shooting Rampage

A 19-year-old University of Maryland student has been arrested for threatening to go on a shooting rampage on campus.
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Gaithersburg Priest Placed On Leave For Intimidating Behavior

A Gaithersburg Catholic priest has been placed on leave, after he reportedly denied communion to a lesbian at her mother's funeral.
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Election Year May Hinder Congressional Productivity

With this year's election heating up, members of Congress say they aren't expecting to accomplish much this year.
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Fairfax Considers Additional Cuts To Libraries

Libraries across Fairfax County have had to slash hours and programs to get by over the past five years, and despite increased demand, more cuts may be on the way.

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NASA To Launch Rockets From Virginia

East coast sky watchers may be able to catch a glimpse of one NASA's rocket-launching experiment later this month.

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Women Veterans Of Korean War Honored

Women have served our armed forces for centuries, but it wasn't until the Korean War that women began to take a really active role. The Department of Defense is commemorating them for Women's History Month.

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Budget Uncertainty Hampers Maryland Transportation Planning

Lawmakers in states like Maryland would like to undertake long-term transportation projects, but Congress' reticence to pass budget legislation has many such projects on hold.