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Poll: Voters Split Over Virginia Abortion Ultrasound Bill

Virginia voters appear to be sharply divided over a new law requiring women to receive ultrasounds before getting abortions in the commonwealth.

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Residents March In Support Of Hate Crime Victims

Area residents took to marching Tuesday evening in support of several members of the LGBT community who have been victims of violence over the last several weeks.

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Are Fracking Fees The Future In Maryland?

The Maryland House of Delegates has passed a bill that would levy a fee on land used to extract natural gas with the controversial hydraulic fracturing technique in order to fund studies on its potential environmental impacts.

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National Cathedral Tower Opens For First Time After 'Quake

For the first time since an earthquake struck the D.C. area last August, the central tower of the Washington National Cathedral

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Police Quota Controversy Highlights Lack Of Transparency In Arlington

A memo written by Alexandria's Chief of Police threatens "disciplinary actions" for officers who don't meet "performance measures." Even so, they insist they don't utilize a quota system.

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Gray Campaign Received More Than $100K From Thompson Associates

Suspicious money orders from a D.C. campaign fundraiser under investigation have been linked to D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray's campaign, and now, a closer look at campaign records shows some other bundled contributions that were submitted in money order form.

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Virginia Fails In Corruption Risk Report, Maryland Ranks Low

Virginia and Maryland fared poorly in a state integrity review released this week, with Virginia achiving an 'F' overall on its corruption risk report card.

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Fairfax County Student Told To Read Poem 'Blacker'

School administrators in Fairfax County are looking into accusations that a teacher forced the only African-American student in a classroom to read a poem "blacker."

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Bridging The Gap Between Home And School

We look to schools to ensure that students graduate high school, even though kids spend about three-quarters of their time outside of school. For many at-risk students, the extra attention paid to what's going on at home may be what gets them over the hump to graduation.

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D.C.'s Howard Theatre Gets A New Lease On Life

Developers are pouring millions of dollars into the renovation of a historic D.C. theater that helped launch the careers of Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.