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Silberberg Wins Alexandria Mayoral Primary Over Euille And Donley

The current vice mayor scored an upset over the mayor and a former mayor.

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Five Key Races On The Ballot In Virginia

Voters in Virginia head to the polls on Tuesday to cast ballots in the commonwealth's primaries. Here are five key races worth watching.
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What To Watch For On Virginia's Primary Day

Virginia's primary on Tuesday is not expected to draw many voters, but there are several crucial nominations being contested — including that of Republican House Speaker Bill Howell.

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With Virginia Primaries A Week Away, The Direct Mail Is Coming

It's the final week before primary election day in Virginia, and that means the gloves are coming off in direct mail campaigns for races like the State Senate and local boards of supervisors.

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Jurisdictions Scramble To Find Alternatives To Virginia's Vulnerable Voting Machines

Earlier this year, the Virginia Department of Elections found a series of security issues with WINVote machines used across the state — and now localities are trying to find alternatives, which will include hand-counting ballots.

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Competitive Northern Virginia Seat Takes International Flair

The campaign for the seat of David Ramadan reflects the increasingly diverse demographics of Loudoun County.
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Alexandria Candidates For Mayor Clash Over Waterfront

One of the big issues in the Alexandria mayoral primary is the waterfront development: is it driving the economy, did it cost too much, will it be worth it in the end?
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Low Turnout Expected In Virginia's June Primary

A new analysis by the Virginia Public Access Project shows that only 8 percent of registered voters participate in General Assembly primaries.
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Potomac Yard, DOD Facility Divide Mayoral Candidates At Alexandria Debate

Mayor Bill Euille faces challenges from former Mayor Kerry Donley and current Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg. A new Metro station and a Department of Defense facility on the West End were points of contention at a debate Tuesday night.

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Republican Speaker Bill Howell To Face Primary Challenge In Virginia

Virginia's Speaker of the House of Delegates will face his most serious electoral challenge in years — not from across the aisle, but from inside his own party.