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Alexandria Mayoral Candidates Spar On Eminent Domain

Development on the Alexandria Waterfront is one of the hot-button issues in the race for mayor, and the use of eminent domain has proved to be a sticky issue between the two candidates.

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Analysis: Virginians Eye Candidates During Presidential Debates

Michael Pope, Virginia reporter for WAMU 88.5, sets the scene for the state of the presidential election in Virginia before the first presidential debate.

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The Politics Hour

The Nats are in the playoffs, and the Politics Hour crew is kicking it into overdrive.

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League Of Women Voters Recalls Suffrage Fight In Virginia

The League of Women Voters in Virginia hosted a lecture about the early fight for women's suffrage as part of an effort to get out the female vote this week.

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In Alexandria, Reviews Of Debate Fall Along Party Lines

Some voters in Alexandria watched the first presidential debate closely last night, weighing how the candidates's performances will ultimately play in Virginia, where the race is extremely close.

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Analysis: Virginia Remains A Battleground Going Into Debates

National Journal Hotline's Josh Kraushaah outlines what Virginians will be looking for at the debates and how candidates are doing in the commonwealth. 

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Parties Target Virginia's Swing Voters

Politcal party operatives are more active in some parts of Virginia than others as both Republican and Democrats try to secure undecided voters in certain counties.

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Analysis: Kaine Pulls Ahead, Republicans Will Attack On Defense

New polls show Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine pulling ahead in Virginia. Alex Bolton with The Hill says the Republicans will try to reverse that trend by blaming Democrats for looming defense cuts.

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Virginia GOP Cuts Ties With Voter Registration Vendor

A Virginia-based company is facing allegations of submitting questionable voter registrations in Florida, and now Republicans in the Commonwealth are quickly severing ties.

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Loudoun Supervisor Accused Of Using County Staff For Campaign

A former employee in Loudoun County supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's office says she spent most of her time calling potential donors to her boss's campaign.