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Voter Turnout Expected To Be Near 2008 Levels In Virginia

Voter turnout in Virginia is expected to be near the levels of the 2008 general election, and the number of early voters in the state thus far has local officials thinking they're on track to beat the records. 

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Long Night Ahead For Candidates As Virginia Takes To Polls

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Virginia is deadlocked heading into Election Day, and with the margins in the Presidential and Senate races expected to be small, Tuesday might be a long day for the candidates.

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Opposition To Early Voting In Virginia Goes Back Centuries

The lack of true early voting in Virginia has roots that go back through much of political history. The story is much the same as it is now — one party feels the other stands to gain more by its addition.

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Live Blog: Election 2012 News, Around The Region

The latest election 2012 news, updates and results from the polls, election headquarters and campaign offices.

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Analysis: Both Parties Courting Asian-Americans To Swing Virginia

Asian-Americans are a rapidly growing demographic in Virginia, and as National Journal's Shane Goldmacher explains, with no traditional allegiance to either party, they are being heavily courted at every level.

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With Margins Close In Virginia, Goode Could Prove The Presidential Spoiler

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Recent polls show President Obama and Gov. Romney neck and neck in Virginia, which is elevating the status of Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode to potential spoiler.

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The Politics Hour

Our conversation with the at-large candidates for the D.C. Council continues with less than a week to Election Day.

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State Election Results

Journalists join Diane to discuss the results of the 2012 House, Senate and governor elections.

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Margins In Presidential, Senate Races Narrow In Virginia

President Obama and Gov. Romney are so close as to be within the margin of error in a new poll, and Republican Senate candidate George Allen has gained on Democrat Tim Kaine as well.

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Coal Dominates Virginia Senate Race In Some Parts Of State

The coal debate is heating up as part of the Virginia Senate race, but some observers wonder how big a role the fossil fuel will play as part of the country's energy future.