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Cuccinelli's Book Front And Center In Virginia Governor's Race

The 2013 campaign for governor in Virginia is already ramping up, and it's likely to get more heated this week after the release of Republican candidate and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli's new book.

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Analysis: What Cuccinelli's Book Means For Virginia Gov. Race

Josh Kraushaar from National Journal talks about the political implications of the excerpts of Ken Cuccinelli's book released last week. Cuccinelli, the likely Republican candidate for governor, didn't pull any conservative punches and the excerpts have Democrats salivating.

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Virginia Assembly Passes Stricter Voter ID Laws

Virginia lawmakers have passed two bills that would make voter ID laws stricter, although one of them would also require the government to provide funding for an education campaign to warn alter voters to the changes.

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Son Of Rep. Jim Moran Won't Be Charged For Voter Fraud

The son of Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), captured in a hidden-camera video in October speaking to someone about voter fraud, will not be charged after an investigation by police.

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Bill To Allow Two-Term Governors In Virginia Goes To House

The Virginia State Senate approved a Constitutional amendment this week that would allow governors to serve two consecutive terms, but the bill may not gain such favor in the House.

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Virginia Primary Bill Passes State Senate

A bill to make it easier for presidential candidates to get on Virginia's primary ballot has passed in the state senate; now, it moves on to the state house.

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Analysis: Virginia Redistricting Draws Ire Of Warner, Kaine

A controversial plan by Virginia Republicans has Democrats' blood boiling, including, says The Hill's Alex Bolton, U.S. Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, who are calling on the governor to weigh in.

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Redistricting Effort Targets Virginia Democrats In Swing Districts

Virginia lawmakers are considering a new plan that would redraw many state senate districts in Northern Virginia, specifically targetting swing areas currently controlled by Democrats.

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Virginia Bill Would Add Absentee Exception For Seniors

A bill flew through the Virginia Senate on Monday that would offer seniors in the commonwealth the ability to cast absentee ballots.

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Virginia Lawmakers Take On Abortion, Again

Alexandria Delegate Rob Krupicka, a democrat, is co-sponsoring legislation to repeal the transvaginal ultrasound requirement.