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Cuccinelli's Opponents Want To Focus On Controversial Social Issues

Democrats and some Republicans are pointing to controversial positions taken by Virginia gubernatorial contender Ken Cuccinelli and his running mate on sensitive social issues.

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The Politics Hour

D.C. Council Member Tommy Wells (D-Ward 6), fresh off an official launch of his mayoral campaign, joins Kojo and Tom in the studio.

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Virginia Gubernatorial Contenders Debate How Many Debates To Have

Five debates? How about 15? Republican contender Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe are going back and forth over how many times during the Virginia gubernatorial races they should, well, go back and forth with each other on the issues.

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Lieutenant Governor Candidate Steals Spotlight In Virginia Politics

In Virginia, voters are starting to learn more about the controversial Republican candidate for lieutenant governor.

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Virginia Republican Candidate Criticized As Being Out Of Mainstream

E.W. Jackson's selection to serve as Virginia's Republican contender for the lieutenant governor seat has provoked fears that he is too extreme on social issues to be palatable to most voters.

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Terry McAuliffe Opens Up Narrow Lead In Virginia Gubernatorial Race

Democrat Terry McAuliffe is up 43-38 over Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, according to a new poll.

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Virginia Gubernatorial Race Briefly Turns To Issues, Though Scandal Looms

The race between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Ken Cuccinelli may be about the issues for now, but it's certain to turn ugly later this year.

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Virginia Democrats Renew Call For Cuccinelli To Resign

Virginia Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli disclosed $13,000 in gifts from donors last week, which has prompted Democrats in the state to call for him to resign.

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McAuliffe Opens Financial Lead In Race For Virginia Governor

Former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe has raised twice as much money as Republican rival Ken Cuccinelli, but experts say there may be extenuating circumstances.

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Still No Clear Front Runner In Virginia Governor Race

Voters in the commonwealth don't yet prefer either major candidatesfor Virginia governor, voicing support for both Terry Auliffe and Ken Cuccinelli in nearly equal numbers.