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Political Tremors In The Old Dominion

Federal investigations are making life difficult for Virginia's governor and both the major candidates vying to succeed him. We get an update on political news from the commonwealth.

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With Appeal To Supreme Court, Cuccinelli Stakes Out Far-Right Position On Sodomy

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has appealed a lower court ruling on Virginia's anti-sodomy law to the Supreme Court, opening him up to political attacks that he's out of the mainstream.

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ACLU to File Challenge To Va. Same-Sex Marriage Ban On Thursday

The ACLU lawsuit will argue that Virginia's voter-approved 2006 ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional and should be overturned.

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Unlike McDonnell, Cuccinelli Has No Plans To Return Gifts From Va. Donor

The Republican contender for Virginia's top office said that the $18,000 worth of gifts he received—including a dinner and trips on a private jet—cannot be returned.

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Terry McAuliffe Misfires In Attack On Ken Cuccinelli

At last Saturday's debate beteween the two gubernatorial contenders, Democrat Terry McAuliffe mischaracterized a report on Republican Ken Cuccinelli's involvement with a Virginia businessman. 

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Do Virginia Voters Show Preference For Native Sons?

Would a native Virginian represent the commonwealth better than someone born elsewhere? It's been an issue on the campaign trail, but historically, Virginia has embraced transplant politicians.

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Healthcare Becomes Focal Point Of Virginia Gubernatorial Race

One clear area of distinction between the two major candidates for the office of Virginia governor is their approach to the Affordable Care Act — a distinction Democrat Terry McAuliffe was only too happy to make this week.

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Virginia Democrats Seek To Chip Away At Republican Majority In House of Delegates

Thirteen first-time Democratic candidates said yesterday that they hoped to unseat Northern Virginia Republicans as part of a plan to get closer to a majority in the House of Delegates.

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Northam, Herring Emerge Victorious in Low-Turnout Virginia Democratic Primary

State Senator Ralph Northam will be the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor and state Senator Mark Herring will represent the party in the race for Virginia's attorney general.

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Virginia Democrats Prepare To Choose Candidate For Lieutenant Governor

Whomever Virginia Democrats choose tomorrow to be their candidate for lieutenant governor will face off against Republican E.W. Jackson and possibly run for governor in 2017.