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Va. Lieutenant Governor Candidates Square Off On God, Guns And Gays

Social issues were among the points of contention between E.W. Jackson and Ralph Northam, candidates for Virginia lieutenant governor, during a debate yesterday.
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McAuliffe And Cuccinelli Draw Contrasts On Environmental And Energy Records

Ahead of a debate on Wednesday night and with polls showing a tight race, Virginia gubernatorial contenders Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli are finding contrasts wherever they can—including their records on the environment and energy.
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McAuliffe And Cuccinelli Get Most Financial Support From Outside Virginia

In August, Republican Ken Cuccinelli only collected 30 percent of his campaign contributions from within Virginia, while Democrat Terry McAuliffe gathered a mere 27 percent in the commonwealth.

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The Politics Hour - Sept 20, 2013

D.C. mayoral candidate Tommy Wells joins Kojo and Tom, along with Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate for governor in Virginia.

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Chef At Virginia's Executive Mansion Admits To Stealing Food

The former chef at Virginia's Executive Mansion has agreed to a reduced charge that he stole food from the first family's kitchen, avoiding a politically embarrassing trial weeks before the state's gubernatorial election.
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Cuccinelli And McAuliffe Find Common Ground: Dislike Of Education Reform Law

Virginia's gubernatorial contenders rarely agree on much, but they seemd to have found a common distaste for Gov. Bob McDonnell's education reform law.

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Cuccinelli Donates Equivalent Of Donor Gifts To Charity

After receiving $18,000 from a Virginia political donor, Republican gubernatorial candidate says he will donate an equal amount to charity.

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Arlington Voters To Consider Whether To Create Housing Authority

Come November, Arlington residents won't only be voting for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general, but also on a ballot initiative callng for the creation of a housing authority.

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The Politics Hour - Aug 30, 2013

D.C. Democratic mayoral candidate Jack Evans joins the Politics Hour gang in the studio.

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Higher Number Of Seats In Virginia's House Of Delegates Are Contested

The race for governor and attorney general might be getting the most attention in Virginia, but more seats in the House of Delegates are being contested than in recent years.