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Lackluster Virginia Gubernatorial Race Filters Down To Swing Counties

Swing counties in Virginia that were key to President Obama’s victory aren’t showing many signs of life in this year’s governor’s race.
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McAuliffe Maintains Lead Over Cuccinelli In Latest Poll

With outside money heating up the off-year Virginia election, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is maintaining a significant lead, according to the latest poll.

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Analysis: Polls Show Shutdown May Affect Virginia Governor's Race

As Virginia's gubernatorial election nears, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has opened a lead. Josh Kraushaar, editor-in-chief of National Journal's Hotline, weighs in on the reasons.

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Most Virginians Say Shutdown Hurt State, But Does Not Affect Governor's Race

Most Virginians seem to think that the government shutdown hurt the commonwealth, but it hasn't had much impact on the gubernatorial race.
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In Gubernatorial Race, Virginia Newspaper Endorses... No One

"We find it impossible to endorse any of the 2013 candidates with even minimal zeal," wrote the Richmond Times-Dispatch's editorial board over the weekend.
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Virginia 2013: Life Inside A Bellwether District

With just two weeks to Election Day, Kojo chats about the Virginia governor's race with a veteran political reporter who recently spent time in one of the commonwealth's true bellwether districts.

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Judge Denies Request In Virginia Voter Lawsuit

A federal judge has rejected a request from Virginia Democrats to reinstate nearly 40,000 voters who were recently purged from the voter rolls.

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Virginia Officials Remove 40,000 From Voter Rolls Despite Lawsuit To Stop Purge

In Virginia, elections officials say they have already purged nearly 40,000 names from the voter rolls that are the subject of a lawsuit filed by Democrats seeking to keep those voters registered.
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Barrage Of Scandals In Virginia Expose Weak Disclosure Laws

Scandals that have befallen both of Virginia's top gubernatorial contenders have made clear that the commonwealth's disclosure laws are lacking, say political analysts.
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Latest McAuliffe Scandal Unlikely To Sway Virginia Governor's Race

Political observers say the latest scandal to hit Terry McAuliffe's campaign for Virginia governor is likely too close to Election Day to have significant impact.