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Va. Governor's Race: Nationally Significant Or Just Nasty?

Virginians go to the polls Tuesday to pick the man they dislike the least to be their new governor: longtime Clinton moneyman Terry McAuliffe or hardline Tea Party conservative Ken Cuccinelli.


McAuliffe Holds Lead In Va. Governor Contest

Tuesday's election is seen as a key off-year contest, and a test of strength for both parties leading up to the 2014 elections. But it's beginning to look like a rout. Democrat Terry McAuliffe is leading Republican Ken Cuccinelli by as much as 12 points. The race appears to have turned into a referendum on Cuccinelli's conservative views.

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Day-After Analysis Of State Election Results

Post-election analysis of key state races and ballot initiatives across the country, including Virginia, New Jersey and Alabama. Diane and her guests discuss state election results, the influence of outside money and how national trends are shaping state and local politics.

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Analysis: Virginia's Elections In The Final Stretch

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney discusses the week's political news, including the elections in the Commonwealth in the Virginia, which are nearing their end.

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Have Problems Voting In Virginia? There's A Hotline For That

Have a problem voting in Virginia? The ACLU has created a hotline that you can call.
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Women's Issues Become Central Focus Of Attorney General's Race In Virginia

In Virginia, the race for attorney general has become one of the hottest campaigns on the ballot — and women's issues have taken center stage in the campaign.
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The Politics Hour - Nov. 1, 2013

Kojo and Tom Sherwood chat with E.W. Jackson, a Republican candidate for lieutenant governor of Virginia, and with D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray.

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Polls Find Va. Race Is Very Close Or Not Close At All, But Turnout Will Be Key

Democrat Terry McAuliffe could be ahead of Republican Ken Cuccinelli by anywhere between four and 12 percentage points, but the ultimate decider of next Tuesday's election will be who turns out to vote.
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Virginia Gubernatorial Race Is Close — Real Close — Finds New Poll

According to a new poll, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is up over Republican Ken Cuccinelli by only four percent, marginally above the margin of error.
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Virginia Election Will Decide Who Becomes Governor And If Medicaid Is Expanded

Next week's election in Virginia won't only allow voters to choose who will lead the commonwealth for the next four years, but also if Medicaid rolls are expanded as part of President Obama's healthcare reform.