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How Are Votes Counted When The Polls Close?

Have you ever wondered what happens to your votes after you cast your ballot? Assistant Chief Election Officer Donald Milbur, who has worked as an election officer for more than 15 years in Great Falls, Va., explains.

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Virginia Voters Choose Women’s Rights In Election

Voters at Tuckahoe Elementary School in Arlington Tuesday cited women's reproductive rights as a driving force in their support of Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor. 

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Alexandria Democrats Vote Against Cuccinelli, Not For McAuliffe

Some Democrats in Alexandria admit that they're not excited about Terry McAuliffe, but they cast ballots for him in order to stop a victory for Republican Ken Cuccinelli.
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Virginia Election Wrap-Up

Virginia voters turned out across the commonwealth to elect candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and the House of Delegates. We break down the results and explore likely impact within Virginia and across the country.

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Election Officials Expect Two Million Virginians To Cast Ballots

Virginia's election officials are expecting some two million people — or 50 percent of the commonwealth's registered voters — to cast ballots today.
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Live Blog: Terry McAuliffe Elected Virginia Governor

Miss the exciting back and forth on Virginia's Election Day? Check out our live blog to see the build-up to the election of Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

Biden, A Man Of Many Words, Omits One At Va. Rally: 'Obama'

There was no mention of the president or the Affordable Care Act at a rally for gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe. The omission signaled how the law's recent troubles have turned Obama's signature domestic legislation from an asset to a liability. It may have also signaled something else.

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Candidates A Study In Contrasts In The Race For Virginia Lieutenant Governor

The two candidates for Lieutenant Governor from the two major parties in Virginia could scarcely be more different from one another if they tried.

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Election Eve Poll: McAuliffe Up By Six Points

With only one day left until Virginians head to the polls, Democrat Terry McAuliffe is ahead of Republican Ken Cuccinelli by six points.
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On Election Eve, Virginia Campaigns Have New Task: Get Voters To Polls

The money has been raised, the arguments made. Now it's time for Virginia's gubernatorial contenders to do the real heavy lifting: making sure that voters actually head to the polls on Tuesday.