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Republican Mark Obenshain Petitions For Recount In Attorney General Race

In the extraordinarily close race for Virginia attorney general, Republican Mark Obenshain is has officially called for a recount Wednesday.

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Virginia Board Certifies 165-Vote Win For Herring, But Recount Expected

The closest statewide race in modern Virginia political history is unlikely to end with the formal announcement that Democrat Mark Herring won, as a recount will likely be requested.
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McAuliffe Begins Putting Together His New Administration

Virginia's governor-elect is taking the first steps towards governance, naming several members of his team.

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Recount In Virginia Attorney General Race To Be Unlike Any Previous Effort

With fewer than 200 of 2.2 million votes cast separating the two candidates for Virginia attorney general, election officials are preparing for a recount like few before it in the commonwealth.
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With Race Still Undecided, Herring And Obenshain Create Transition Teams

Though Democrat Mark Herring is clinging to a 164-vote lead, Republican Mark Obenshain announced on Thursday that he wasn't yet conceding — but was instead creating a transition team.
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Virginia's Attorney General Race: The Count Continues

The top ticket races in Virginia were decided handily a week ago, but the question of who the next attorney general will be is still up in the air. We get an update on where things stand and how the process is unfolding.

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With Vote Count Complete, Herring Maintains Razor-Thin Lead

With all ballots counted, the Democratic contender for Virginia attorney general is ahead of his Republican competitor by only 163 votes, all but assuring a recount.
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Virginia's Attorney General Race Could Be Closest In Commonwealth History

Virginia's closest race thus far is 2005's contest for attorney general, which was decided by 323 votes, and could be surpassed by this year's fight for the same office.
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Virginia's Attorney General Race Now Favors Democrat, But Only By 117 Votes

The lead has changed a dizzying number of times in the race for Virginia's attorney general, but as of Tuesday Democrat Mark Herring is ahead — barely.
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Count Of Fairfax Absentee Ballots Further Tightens Va. Attorney General's Race

A canvass of absentee ballots in Fairfax County has done nothing but make the already razor-thin margins in the state's attorney general race smaller.