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Virginia Democrats Line Up With Clinton While Sanders Enjoys Outsider Status

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has racked up a series of endorsements from Virginia elected officials. Sen. Bernie Sanders, by contrast, has none. But does it matter?
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Republican Endorsements In Virginia Show Divisions Inside Party

High-profile endorsements from people like Jerry Falwell Jr. have been a boon to Donald Trump in the commonwealth in the time leading up to Super Tuesday.

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Data From Loyalty Oath Could Give Virginia GOP An Edge — If They Can Get It

Supporters of Donald Trump have criticized a proposed loyalty oath for Republican primary voters because it would discourage independents — but the real price for the GOP could be the trove of voter data it could provide.

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Allison Silberberg Sworn In As Alexandria Mayor, Makes Ethics Her Priority

Allison Silberberg was sworn in as Alexandria mayor yesterday and promised to follow through on her campaign promise to make ethics and transparency a key part of her policy agenda.

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Will Republican Oath Trump Independent Virginia Voters?

The Republican Party of Virginia plans to require voters to pledge allegiance to the GOP in order to participate in this year's primary, but supporters of the Donald Trump campaign call the idea "ridiculous" and say it marginalizes independents.
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With Primary Only Months Away, Legal Challenge May Reshuffle Virginia Districts

A court case might upend the state's political geography and also set an important precedent for minority representation.

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Donald Trump's Campaign Gets Serious In Virginia

With less than a month to go before the deadline, only one presidential candidate in either party has submitted signatures to get on the ballot in Virginia: Donald Trump.
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Outside Money In Virginia's Elections: A Bellwether For 2016 And Beyond?

Special-interest money poured into General Assembly elections across Virginia this year, as outside groups tried to influence races in several key districts. The glut of advertisements had mixed results, but experts say the tactics won't end anytime soon.

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Listen: Virginia Election Analysis With WAMU 88.5's Michael Pope

What effect did Michael Bloomberg's money have on the elections? What's next for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors? And how well did a prominent write-in campaign do in one Northern Virginia city?

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​Big Money Plus Low Turnout Equals Status Quo Election in Virginia

In Virginia, voters have opted for the status quo, maintaining the 21-19 Republican majority in the state Senate, despite historic levels of campaign spending on key races.