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Who Watches The Watchers? Recording The Police In D.C., Maryland & Virginia

The recent shooting of a black man by a police officer in South Carolina has renewed the debate over cameras — should police have to wear them, and can citizens use them to keep police in check?
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With Heroin Use Spiking, McAuliffe To Speed Distribution Of Anti-Overdose Drug

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe will sign a bill that will make a drug that combats heroin overdoses more widely available across the commonwealth, where use of the drug has increased.
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Tight Budgets, Election-Year Pressures: Fairfax County Board Gets An Earful

As soon as the microphones were turned on Tuesday evening at the county's government center, sharp divisions emerged over taxes and spending.

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Who Needs Tax Hikes? Northern Virginia Budget Proposals Do Without

Local lawmakers in Northern Virginia are not looking to increase taxes in a year where they're up for reelection, and rising economic tides may indeed make them unnecessary.

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Support Waning For Bi-County Parkway In Prince William County

Tuesday the Prince William County Board of Supervisors is expected to approve a study to determine whether the parkway should be removed from the county's comprehensive plan, where it has been since 1990.
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How Much Noise Is Too Much In Fairfax County?

In Fairfax County, Virginia, members of the Board of Supervisors are about to get an earful about noise. It's a reverberation from a court decision about six years ago.
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Virginia Sen. Mark Warner And The Iran Deal: Q&A With David Hawkings

Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia has become the 66th senator to announce public support for a bill that would give Congress more leverage in shaping the U.S. nuclear deal with Iran. Roll Call columnist David Hawkings explains what it all means.

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Virginia Immigration Population Defies Stereotypes Amidst Debate On Deportation

While President Obama's plan to expand deferred action for undocumented immigrants has been held up in court for several months, experts have noted the economic contribution by Virginia's unusually diverse and education foreign-born population.

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Virginia 'Bans The Box,' Joining Movement Picking Up Steam In U.S.

Friday, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe ordered state agencies to remove questions about criminal histories from job applications. It's the latest in a movement that's been gaining traction nationwide.
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New Virginia Law Creates Tax-Exempt Accounts For Care Of People With Disabilities

Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the law he signed this week is modeled after the 529 college savings plan. It allows families to contribute up to $14,000 a year toward the savings account.