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Virginia Officials Consider HOT Lanes On I-66 Through Arlington

Virginia has added tolls lanes on both 495 and 95 to attack traffic congestion, and now the plan is being considered for I-66 through Arlington, despite the county's long-stated opposition.

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Virginia Lawmakers Cautious About Ethics — And Eggs — After McDonnell Conviction

Virginia state lawmakers are taking a new view of their day-to-day activities — including breakfast — now that former Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has been convicted of corruption.
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Transurban Takes Step Towards Profitability With 495 Express Lanes

They're still not quite profitable, but the 495 Express Lanes along the beltway in Virginia are at least generating enough tolls for the company Transurban to coverage their operating costs.

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Law Protecting Tenants Rights In Virginia May Get Tweak

Virginia tenants often fail to complain about their living conditions for fear of retaliation from landlords. A bill set to be introduced next year would give judges more leeway to help.

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Ex-Gov. McDonnell Faces A Decade In Prison

The United States Probation Office is recommending the former Virginia governor be sentenced to 10 years and one month following his conviction on corruption charges.
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Court-Appointed Doctor To Determine If Severance Competent For Murder Trial

A court-appointed doctor in Alexandria will be conducting an evaluation to determine whether or not Charles Severance, a former fringe political candidate, is competent to stand trial for three high-profile murders.
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Charles Severance Objects To His Own Lawyer At Court Hearing

The man accused in three high-profile murders in Alexandria appeared in court today, and created a stir when he objected to and talked over his defense attorney.

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Dulles Rated The Third Most Frustrating Airport In The Country

With the winter holiday close at hand, Dulles International has been singled out as the most frustrating airport in the D.C. area for travelers.

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Should Loudoun County Have Full-Day Kindergarten?

When now-Congresswoman Barbara Comstock left for Washington, she left a big issue in her wake: whether the county she represents should offer all-day Kindergarten to all students.

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New 95 Express Lanes Will Open Sunday, Are Toll-Free For Two Weeks

The 95 Express Lanes from Garrisonville Road in Stafford County to Edsall Road in Fairfax will open this weekend, but the tolling won't begin until Dec. 29.