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Virginia Aims To Crack Down On Rising Heroin Use

Attorney General Mark Herring says dealing with the growing problem of heroin addiction will be one of his chief priorities this session.
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McAuliffe Hospitalized For Injury Suffered During Holiday Horse Ride Fall

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is in the hospital after an earlier incident where he was thrown from a horse, breaking seven ribs.
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Despite Scandals, Virginia Lawmakers Struggle With Proposed Limits On Gifts

Members of Virginia's General Assembly are talking about creating new limitations on gifts to elected officials. But reforming the system might not be as easy as making a few simple changes.
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Northam Makes The Best Of Being Virginia's Second-In-Command

Virginia's Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam plays a key role in presiding over the state Senate, which graveled into session this week. So what's it like to play second fiddle to His Excellency, the governor? We decided to take a look behind the scenes.
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Veteran Virginia Lawmaker Toddy Puller To Retire

Toddy Puller was first elected to Virginia's House of Delegates in 1992, and moved to the state senate in 1999. Now Puller says she is stepping aside.
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On the Coast: NASA Officials Still Seeking Cause of Wallops Explosion

NASA and its private-sector partners are continuing to investigate the cause of October's rocket explosion at the Wallops Flight Facility.
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Door To Door: Oyster Harbor, Md. And The Plains, Va. (rebroadcast)

It's our weekly trip around the region. This time around, we'll visit Oyster Harbor, Md. and The Plains, Va.
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McAuliffe Returns To Medicaid Expansion, Other Democratic Priorities In Speech

The Virginia governor talked of creating a "new Virginia economy" and reopened an old fight on Medicaid expansion.

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Virginia House Of Delegates Breaks Out Ceremonial Mace

The Virginia House of Delegates gaveled into session Wednesday, offering an opportunity for the state's ceremonial mace to get some time to shine.

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Va. Bill Would Require Colleges To Report Sexual-Assault Investigations

The goal, say supporters of the legislation, is to ensure that more cases make it into the justice system instead of being handled solely by college administrations.