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EPA Rules To Play Big Role In Virginia Senate Election

New rules governing carbon emissions promise to be a divisive electoral issue this year, particularly in Virginia's coal country.

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Ed Gillespie Grabs Republican Nomination, Plans Tour Of Virginia

Former Republican National Committee chairman Ed Gillespie will run against Democratic Sen. Mark Warner this year after a win in Virginia's festive Republican convention.

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Virginia Democratic Senator Resigns, Shifting Balance In Medicaid Negotiations

Virginia has been deadlocked on the issue of Medicaid expansion, which has threatened to shut down the state. But with the resignation of state Senator Phil Puckett, the political calculus may have changed.

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The Politics Hour - June 13, 2014

With just days to go before Maryland's gubernatorial primaries, Democratic candidate Doug Gansler joins the Politics Hour in the studio.

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Clamping Down on Car Washes?

Car washes, along with bake sales and silent auctions, are among the traditional techniques used to raise money for organizations. But some communities are clamping down on charity car washes because of concerns about how they impact the...

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Fairfax County High School Band Leader Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting Teenager

A high school band teacher in Fairfax County has been arrested and charged with soliciting a 14-year-old boy.
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Rape Charges Against Alexandria Sheriff's Deputy Dismissed, Other Charges Remain

Former Sheriff's Deputy Bryant still faces charges that he had sex with an inmate in the Alexandria jail, which is a felony.
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Uber And Lyft Ignore Virginia's Demand To Cease And Desist

Ridesharing services Uber and Lyft both say they will continue normal operations in Virginia even after the state's Department of Motor Vehicles sent cease and desist letters to both companies.
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Virginia Republicans To Convene In Roanoke To Pick U.S. Senate Candidate

Republicans from across Virginia are preparing to gather this weekend in a convention to select their candidate for U.S. Senate.
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The Politics Hour

D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson joins Kojo and Tom Sherwood in the studio.