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Should Fairfax County Have A Citizen Oversight Board To Investigate Police?

At the Fairfax County Government Center Monday night, there's a public hearing where some hope to push for a citizen oversight board in light of the death of several unarmed citizens in recent years at the hands of police.

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Low Turnout Expected In Virginia's June Primary

A new analysis by the Virginia Public Access Project shows that only 8 percent of registered voters participate in General Assembly primaries.
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Koreans Help Drive Dramatic Growth In Fairfax County's Asian Population

Fairfax County's Korean community boasts three daily newspapers, its own television channel, and growing political influence.
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On Fairfax County Board Of Supervisors, Mount Vernon Seat Hotly Contested

The Mount Vernon District of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors is up for grabs this year. Longtime Supervisor Gerry Hyland is retiring, opening the seat for the first time in a generation.
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Jewish And Muslim Communities Pursue An Interfaith Partnership In Fairfax County

We'll visit a synagogue where Jews and Muslims are sharing much more than just space.
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This Week On Metro Connection: Fairfax County

We'll take an audio tour of Virginia's most heavily-populated county, and meet some of the 1.1 million people who call it home.

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The Georgelas Family: Three Generations Of Building Fairfax County

John Georgelas built his first home in 1963 from a kit ordered through a catalog. More than 50 years later, his family is playing a major role in the redevelopment  of Tyson's Corner.

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How Has Fairfax County's Rapid Growth Affected The Environment?

Decades of development have been good for the bottom line, but conservation groups are concerned about what has been done to local watersheds.

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Fairfax County's Economy, Long Driven By Uncle Sam, Seeks A New Engine

The county is chock full of empty office space, due to a reduction in spending by the federal government, leaving local officials seeking ways to make up the difference.

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From A To B: Fairfax County Grapples With Perennial Traffic Problems

We'll look at Fairfax County's most pressing transportation problems in the return of our transportation segment, from A to B.