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For O'Malley And Webb, A Chance To Raise Low Profiles In Democratic Debate

The former Maryland governor and former Virginia senator take the state tonight in Las Vegas with designs on drawing as much attention as possible away from Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.


‘No Suits. No Corporate Control.’ Remembering The Freeform Heyday Of WHFS 102.3

“WHFS in Bethesda, Maryland, coming to you from high atop the Triangle Towers. Ease on back, take your clothes off and have some wiiiine…”...

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A Quarter Of Metro's Board Would Get A Makeover Under Senate Legislation

As one of Metro's "jurisdictions," the federal government makes four appointments to the board. The legislation, pushed by the D.C.-area Senate delegation, would move that authority from the General Services Administration to the secretary of Transportation.

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At 'Low Point,' Metro Leadership Acknowledges Self-Inflicted Wounds

The interim general manager of the second-busiest commuter rail system in America officially conceded what many riders and outside observers have been saying: Consistently poor service is pushing customers away.

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Door to Door: Vienna, Va., and Greenbelt, Md.

It's our ongoing journey around the region. This time, we'll visit two towns on the ends of Metro lines: Vienna, Virginia, and Greenbelt, Maryland.
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As Repossessions Pile Up, Critics Of Car-Title Lenders Call For Change

When a car is an economically vulnerable person's connection to work, school or childcare, a repossession is especially tough. So some local, state and federal officials are trying to limit consumers' exposure to loans that are more likely to end up with a vehicle being taken away.

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For Metro, A Shift To Federal Oversight Might Bring More Questions, Not Fewer

Does the Federal Railroad Administration have what it takes to help turn Metro around? Experts say that oversight from the agency would come with its own gaps and challenges.

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Suburban Commuters Take Issue With Planned I-66 Tolling

From some suburban commuters' perspective, charging $9 to use I-66 east of the Beltway during morning rush hour is a ripoff.
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For Military Personnel, High-Interest Lenders Aren't Far Away

Military communities across the country are enticing targets for high-interest lenders, but the story plays out with particular intensity in Virginia. The commonwealth offers a wealth of military personnel, a regulatory environment that's relatively friendly to high-interest lenders, and a geographical advantage for lenders, too.

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How Virginia Became The Region's Hub For High-Interest Loans

After creating and then stifling Virginia's payday lending industry, state lawmakers opened the door to car-title lending in 2010. Since then, these businesses have stayed a step ahead of efforts to limit how much interest they charge.