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This Week On Metro Connection: Fairfax County

We'll take an audio tour of Virginia's most heavily-populated county, and meet some of the 1.1 million people who call it home.

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The Georgelas Family: Three Generations Of Building Fairfax County

John Georgelas built his first home in 1963 from a kit ordered through a catalog. More than 50 years later, his family is playing a major role in the redevelopment  of Tyson's Corner.

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How Has Fairfax County's Rapid Growth Affected The Environment?

Decades of development have been good for the bottom line, but conservation groups are concerned about what has been done to local watersheds.

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Fairfax County's Economy, Long Driven By Uncle Sam, Seeks A New Engine

The county is chock full of empty office space, due to a reduction in spending by the federal government, leaving local officials seeking ways to make up the difference.

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From A To B: Fairfax County Grapples With Perennial Traffic Problems

We'll look at Fairfax County's most pressing transportation problems in the return of our transportation segment, from A to B.

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At McLean's Clemyjontri Park, A Place For All Children To Play In Perpetuity

Fairfax County is home to one of the first large-scale parks in America built so "typical" children and children with special needs can play side by side.

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A Town Founded By A Former Slave Seeks To Hold On To Its Heritage

Gum Springs, Va. was founded by a former slave who's rumored to be the son of our nation's first president.
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Stagnant Wages, Scant Affordable Housing Keep People Homeless In D.C. Region, Report Says

There were fewer homeless people in the region this year than last, though a shortage of affordable housing remains a significant challenge for many low-income families.

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McDonnell Lawyers Argue That Conviction Should Be Overturned

Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was back in court today, this time challenging last year's conviction on charges he accepted gifts and loans in exchange for official acts.
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Virginia Watchdog Agency Investigating Exploding Medicaid Costs

The Medicaid program in Virginia has grown 1,600 percent in the last three decades, prompting lawmakers to look into whether costs can be reigned in.