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D.C. Area's Safety Net For Immigrant Children Is Stretched Thin, Report Says

Thousands of children who fled Central American violence have been relocated to the D.C. area, and this wave of immigration is seriously testing the resources of organizations that help such kids navigate life in the United States.

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Fairfax County Lags Neighbors In Police Training To React To The Mentally Ill

Questions continue to linger in Fairfax County about the death of a mentally ill woman in the Fairfax County Jail, and whether training for sheriff's deputies could have prevented it.

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Concerns With WINVote Machines Prompts Public Hearing In Virginia

Aging voting machines in Virginia sport inaccurate touchscreens and unsecured wireless networks — something the state department of elections will tackle in public hearings

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Virginia 'Veto Session' May Focus On Surveillance Technology

An unusual coalition comprised of both the Tea Party and the ACLU stands opposed to amendments by Gov. Terry McAuliffe that would place restrictions on the police's use of drones and license plate readers.

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Democratic Gameplan Takes Shape For Rep. Barbara Comstock's Seat

Q&A with Roll Call columnist David Hawkings about the freshman Republican's district and what Democrats are doing to line up potential candidates for it in 2016.

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Remembering The Lone Civilian Death — A Slave — At Appomattox Court House

The lone civilian who died at the Battle of Appomattox Court House will be remembered Saturday at the site of the Civil War battle in Virginia.

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Judge Spares Driver From Late Fees For Unpaid Tolls On Beltway Express Lanes

Defense lawyers say decision from a Fairfax County judge could benefit thousands of drivers who've been told they've run up huge monetary penalties for unpaid tolls on the Capital Beltway's Express Lanes.
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On 150th Anniversary Of The End Of The Civil War, The South Surrenders Again

Thousands gathered at the Appomattox Courthouse in Augusta County, Virginia, to witness a reenactment of Robert E. Lee's surrender to

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GMU President Says Kochs' Donations Don't Affect 'Intellectual Independence'

"No donor, no matter how generous can influence who gets tenure, who gets promoted, what is taught in the classroom, what any faculty teaches and so forth," university President Ángel Cabrera said in defense of donations received from the billionaire brothers.

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Who Watches The Watchers? Recording The Police In D.C., Maryland & Virginia

The recent shooting of a black man by a police officer in South Carolina has renewed the debate over cameras — should police have to wear them, and can citizens use them to keep police in check?