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All The Way To The Top? McDonnell Might Try To Go There

Lawyers for the embattled former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell are preparing for their day in appeals court. Could they be laying the groundwork to continue the fight after that?

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In His Fight To Overturn Conviction, McDonnell Has Hefty Support

The list of people who have signed their name to friend-of-the-court briefs reads like a who's-who of law and politics.
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Virginia Arrest Records Show Racial Disparities

Data from the Virginia State Police show that police in the commonwealth arrest African-Americans for a number of offenses at percentages that are much higher than those for white people.

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Police Department Remains Under Pressure In Fairfax County

The Virginia county has created a new commission to look at whether police use excessive force and lack transparency. One member of the panel is already calling for the chief's resignation.

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The Week In WAMU 88.5: Claim Your Cannabis, Sledding Disobedience

This week in WAMU 88.5, a D.C. man got his pot back from the cops, kids defied the police and sled down Capitol Hill, Sen. Barbara Mikulski announced her retirement, and the city's only streetcar line got some bad news.
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Virginia Attorney General Files Pro-Gay Marriage Brief With Supreme Court

The high court will not be taking up the Commonwealth's ban, but it will be hearing arguments in separate cases later this year.
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Fairfax County Supervisors Approve Pay Bump For Themselves

Members of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors are about to start earning more money, as the current members have approved a measure that will raise salaries for the next board.
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Becoming George Washington: The Virginia Farm Where The First President Grew Up

Most people have heard of Mount Vernon, but archaeologists are hard at work at another Virginia site where the nation's first president spent much of his childhood.

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Quantico, Virginia: The Town That Got Swallowed By A Military Base

The military base that surrounds Quantico, Virginia, stunts the town's growth. But it's also its primary economic driver.
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'Strange Feeling' For Families Observing Court Appearance Of Accused Killer

The parents of slain college students Morgan Harrington and Hannah Graham have gotten their first look at alleged killer Jesse Matthew.