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Virginia Could Loosen Medical Marijuana Rules

Virginia isn't likely to follow D.C. and Maryland in decriminalizing marijuana, but some legislators say that they could loosen laws to make medical marijuana more widely available.
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Infant Mortality Rate Declines In Virginia

Nearly 200 more babies a year are making it to their first birthday.
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Virginia To Reconsider Standardized Tests

A Virginia committee has laid out 12 ways that schools in the commonwealth can move away from teaching to the test.
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Why Virginia's Gas Tax Will Go Up After The New Year

Expect prices at the pump to increase in the Commonwealth of Virginia next year, thanks in part to Congressional inaction on online sales tax.

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Hops Coming Home: Loudoun County To Add Hop Production Facility

The first commercial-scale hop production and processing facility in the region is being planned out in Loudoun County, further adding to the region's burgeoning beer business.

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Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb Lays Groundwork For Presidential Run

Virginia's Jim Webb has formed an exploratory committee to pursue a potential bid for president in 2016.

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Are Drivers Ready For New 95 Express Lanes In Virginia?

Northern Virginia's next new toll road is almost ready for motorists, but the company building the highway says motorists aren't prepared for it.
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With Eye On Revenue, Fairfax County Considers Changing How Residents Recycle

Fairfax County's recycling program is simple and convenient: just throw all your recyclable materials in one bin. But now officials say single-stream recycling may be cutting into the county's revenue stream.
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Hundreds Of Students Rally At UVA In Response To Rape Allegations At Fraternity

About 700 people rallied at the University of Virginia on Thursday afternoon, responding to reports of sexual violence on campus.
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Drug Evidence Logs Are Focus Of Probe Into Allegations Against FBI Agent

Prosecutors in court today said they spent 12 hours looking at "chain of custody" logs from the FBI's Washington Field Office as they investigate whether FBI agent Matthew Lowry tampered with evidence.