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Fairfax County Leaders Outline Plan To Address On-Campus Sexual Assaults

Leaders in Fairfax County are concerned about the threat of sexual violence on college campuses, and are hoping to do something about it.

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Repairs To Wallops Island Launchpad Will Take A Year, $20M

The explosion of an unmanned Antares rocket headed for the International Space Station late last month comes with quite the repair bill.

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In Writings, Charles Severance Expresses Fascination With Guns

Court documents in a high-profile Virginia murder case are revealing new details about Charles Severance, the man Alexandria police and prosecutors say engaged on a killing spree that lasted more than a decade.
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New Ride On I-95 In Northern Virginia Will Be Pricey

Construction crews are wrapping up work on the new Express Lanes between Stafford and Fairfax Counties in Northern Virginia, and WAMU 88.5 transportation reporter Martin Di Caro got a preview.

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Process Begins To Overturn Virginia's Abortion Regulations

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is putting the pieces into place to fulfill a campaign promise to overturn controversial new regulations on abortion clinics.
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Fairfax Connector Routes Adjusted To Serve Silver Line

With several months of Silver Line service to assess, transportation officials are tweaking the scheduling and routes for the Fairfax County Connector.

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Virginia Teachers Tell Richmond: 'No Child Is Standardized'

The accountability system is too restrictive, teachers say, and they're proposing ways for legislators to tweak it.

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Virginia Taking New Tack To Address Cigarette Smuggling

The relative low cost of cigarettes in Virginia makes it attractive to smugglers, but a state agency is now endorsing a plan to tackle the problem by licensing retailers of tobacco products.

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Fairfax Considers Raising Pay For County Supervisors

Supervisors currently earn $75,000 a year, a salary one supervisor says is part-time pay for full-time work.
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Metro's Proposed Funding Increase Runs Up Against Local Budget Realities

Metro says it needs more money from its jurisdictions in D.C., Maryland and Virginia or it may have to cut rail service, even during rush hour.