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$338 Million Boost Expected In Virginia State Revenue

Gov. Terry McAuliffe says the extra money will allow a little wiggle room as lawmakers write the next budget.

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In Arlington, Cash-Friendly Bikeshare Eliminates A Barrier To Low-Income Residents

"One of the criticisms of bikesharing throughout the country is that you have to have a credit card to access this system," says Chris Hamilton, who runs Arlington's Commuter Services bureau. He says the cash program is designed to help folks who do not have credit or debit cards.
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Charter School Expansion Advances In Virginia Assembly

The state Senate passed a proposed amendment to Virginia's constitution that would make it easier to establish charter schools.

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LGBT Discrimination Bill Passes In Virginia Senate

The bill inserts a policy into state law that has been adopted through executive order by Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

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Why Did Richmond's CEO Leave? Community Activists Want To Know

Richmond CEO Byron Marshall recently left his position, taking with him a $160,000 severance package. Now local activists are trying to find out why.
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Should Guns Be Allowed On School Campuses In Virginia?

Lawmakers in Richmond yesterday debated whether residents with concealed carry permits should be allowed to bring firearms on school property after normal class hours.

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Virginia Lawmakers Look To Rein In Warrantless Cell Phone Data Collection

The use of the Stingray — a high-tech device pioneered by the federal government that can collect data from cell phones — is the subject of bipartisan attention in Virginia.

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New Documents Shed Light On John Geer Shooting In Fairfax County

More than 11,000 pages of documents were released Friday into the shooting of John Geer by Fairfax County Police, and they include statements by police saying Geer was unarmed and had his hands up at the time of his shooting.

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Krupicka Wants Landlords To Be More Transparent About Mold

The Northern Virginia delegate has introduced legislation to make sure renters have access to information about mold.
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McDonnell Hopeful That Conviction Could Be Overturned, Says Priest

Bob McDonnell's priest says the former Virginia governor is hopeful that an appeals court will overturn his conviction for public corruption.