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Should Virginians Be Allowed To Carry Loaded Shotguns In Vehicles?

Virginia's state Senate signed off on a bill that would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry a loaded shotgun in their vehicles, but if it passes the House of Delegates, it's not clear whether the governor will sign it.

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Bill Could Open Door To Junk Food Sales At Virginia Schools

Virginia schools could hold numerous fundraisers per year selling food that doesn't meet nutritional guidelines under legislation that has passed both houses of the General Assembly.
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Virginia Moves To Lift Ban On Brass Knuckles And Other Exotic Weapons

Virginia lawmakers are taking action to overturn a longstanding ban on selling blackjacks, brass knuckles, throwing stars and ballistic knives.
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Virginia Senate Approves Bill Shrouding Lethal Injection Cocktail In Secrecy

A controversial bill headed to the Virginia House of Delegates is aimed at making sure the Commonwealth's Department of Corrections can secure the three-drug cocktail used for lethal injections, while keeping the suppliers secret.

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Fairfax Sheriff Criticized For Taser Policy, Lack Of Transparency

The Taser policy at the Fairfax County Sheriff's Office is not in line with international standards, critics say, because it does not address how people with mental illness should be treated.

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UVA Researchers Identify Substance That Could Help Halt Cancer's Spread

Scientists at the University of Virginia have identified a substance called Activin A, which helps the spread of lung cancer. It could lead to a blood test for various kinds of cancers.

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Door To Door: Hunters Woods, Va., and Old Town Laurel, Md.

It's our ongoing journey around the region. This time around we'll visit Hunters Woods in Reston, Va., and Old Town Laurel, Md.
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Fairfax Woman Who Died After Being Tasered Suffered From Mental Illness

More details are emerging about the woman who died after being hit by a Taser stun gun at the Fairfax County Jail, including the fact that the woman suffered from a mental illness.
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Uber, Lyft Would Face Taxi-Style Rules In Virginia Under New Legislation

The ride-hailing legislation would "ensure the safety of passengers, drivers, the public, provide citizens for transportation options, and provide access for new businesses," says its House sponsor.

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McAuliffe And Virginia Lawmakers At Odds Over Ethics Bill

A more restrictive set of ethics rules has been passed in Richmond, but absent is the independent commission Gov. Terry McAuliffe called for to pursue ethics allegations from whistleblowers.