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More Dismissals Possible In Drug Cases Connected To FBI Agent

Prosecutors said they're looking at cases involving more than 150 defendants that had connections to agent Matthew Lowry.

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With Comstock Moving Up, Virginia Parties Pick Candidates To Replace Her

Democrats and Republicans in Virginia have selected candidates for a January special election to fill the seat vacated by Representative-elect Barbara Comstock.
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Can Virginia Lawmakers Compromise On New Congressional District Lines?

A federal court has ordered that Virginia's congressional district lines be reviewed, but the Democratic governor and Republican state legislature only have until April to get the job done, or a court will do it for them.

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More Than 210,000 Virginians Support 'Clean Power Plan'

Federal regulations announced earlier this year by the EPA aim to reduce carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030 — despite protests from industry groups, many Virginians registered comments supporting the plan.

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Antares Rocket Explosion Hasn't Stopped Its Manufacturer From Getting NASA Contracts

NASA has announced that Orbital Sciences, maker of the Antares Rocket that recently exploded off Wallops Island, has won a potential $186.3 million contract to operate the space agency's balloon program.
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This Week On Metro Connection: D.C. Tech

Washington may be known as a government town — but plenty of people say it's becoming a major hub for technology, as well.
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European Trams Offer Lessons for Arlington As It Debates Streetcar Plan

In Europe, streetcars are part of many urban cityscapes. So will the European model work in an American community like Arlington?
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For Winter Two-Wheelers, Arlington County Will Clear Snow Off Of Bike Trails

If you ride a bike in Arlington County during the winter months, there's good news for you: 10 miles worth of multi-use trails will be cleared of snow once it accumulates.
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Low Turnout May Have Made Virginia Senate Race Closer Than Polls Hinted

Low turnout in last week's Virginia Senate race may have made the contest between Democrat Mark Warner and Republican Ed Gillespie much closer than polling said it would be.
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Virginia Republican David Brat Gets Head Start On Fellow Congressional Freshmen

Economics professor David Brat can officially call himself a congressman, thanks in part to former House Speaker Eric Cantor, who gave him a leg up on fellow freshmen.