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Virginia Ethics Panel Meets For The First Time, Targets Gift Disclosures

A panel that is to propose new ethics rules for public officials met for the first time on Monday, looking at issues like disclosure laws and an independent commission on redistricting.

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Deadline To Submit Absentee Ballots In Virginia Is Approaching

Election Day is just a week away, and the deadline to cast absentee ballots in the Commonwealth of Virginia is nearly upon us.

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Virginia Creates New Protocol To Monitor Possible Ebola Cases

All travelers who arrive in Virginia from Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone will be put through the Virginia Department of Health's new 21-day monitoring program.
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Historic Maps Of Chesapeake Region On Display On Eastern Shore

A collection of maps dating back hundreds of years, including one penned by the father of Thomas Jefferson, is on display on the Eastern Shore through next month.

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Streetcar Remains Big Sticking Point In Arlington County Election

Independent Arlington County Board member John Vihstadt continues to push for an alternative to the county's streetcar plan — something that promises to be a wedge issue on Election Day.

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Where To Look To See The Antares Rocket Launch Tuesday

The original launch of an Antares rocket was scrubbed Monday night because of an errant sailboat. Check out where to look for the rocket when it goes up Tuesday night.

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Police Confirm Remains Are Missing UVA Student Hannah Graham

The news marks the end of an emotional search that spanned more than a month and attracted national attention.
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Virginia Considers Thorny Question: Should It Collect DNA From All Convicts?

Virginia collects DNA from convicted felons, and now there are calls for further expansion of the state's DNA database to include those convicted of misdemeanors — a possibility that worries many civil libertarians.
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Fairfax Judge Allows Still Camera In Court For Severance Trial, TV Camera Possible

A Fairfax County judge who is presiding over a high-profile Alexandria case will allow a still camera into the courtroom for the murder trial of Charles Severance, who is accused of killing three people.
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Judge In Severance Murder Trial Begins Deciding On Camera Access

Judge Jane Roush will allow one still camera into the courtroom for the pretial motions in the case.