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MWAA Officials Grilled On Capitol Hill

Metropolitian Washington Airports Authority chairman Michael Curto and CEO Jack Potter were in Capitol Hill on Friday, as the House Oversight Committee questioned them over the results of an audit that unearthed improprieties.

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Motorists Hit With 50-Cent Hike On Dulles Toll Road

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Drivers who frequent the Dulles Toll Road may soon my searching for extra change, after the MWAA board approved toll hikes effective in the beginning of next year.

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Without New Revenues, Virginia's Transportation Options Limited

Gov. McDonnell praised the public-private partnership that made Virginia's 495 Express Lanes possible at a ribbon cutting Tuesday, but without additional revenues, lawmakers say future projects may not get off the ground.

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As 495 Express Lanes Open, Advocates Ponder VDOT Funding Picture

Virginia officials will today celebrate the opening of the state's latest transportation infrastructure project, the I-495 Express lanes. But transportation advocates wonder about funding for the next big project. 

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One Year In, ICC Critic Says Traffic Volumes Prove His Point

The Inter-County Connector highway in Montgomery County is about to celebrate its anniversary, but one year after its opening, critics of the road who fought its construction still believe it is unnecessary. 

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Alexandria Community Fights VDOT's Ramp Proposals

A homeowners' group in Alexandria is fighting a proposal by Virginia transportation planners to build a highway ramp near their homes.

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Patience Is A Virtue: Metro Escalator Repairs Could Take Five Years

Metro riders from Dupont Circle waited eight months for their escalator repairs, which seemed long, but regulars at other Metro station may need to wait up to five years to see similar repairs.

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D.C. Speed Cameras Generate $85M In Fiscal 2012

D.C. speed cameras generated more than $85 million in fiscal 2012, and nowhere were more lead-footed drivers caught than on 295 between D.C. and Maryland.

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Self-Driving Vehicles Could Ease Area Traffic

Commuting on area highways can be both slow and stressful. If new, self-driving car technology takes hold, experts say heading to work would be both faster and more leisurely for drivers.

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Developers Gear Up For Big Deals In Tysons Corner

Prospective Tysons Corner real estate developers are salivating at the possibility of adding housing and office space for more than 100,000 people to the area.