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Planners Survey Area Residents On Transportation Solutions

Regional transportation planners are trying to gauge public sentiment on various options to address the gridlock on the D.C. area's roads. More toll lanes were the most popular option in a study they will release today.

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Despite Snafus, Metro Has Largely Problem-Free Inaugural

The crowds were big and the minor interruptions plenty, but the Metro managed to handle the Inauguration Day influx of passengers without major issues.

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Metro Officials Urge Inauguration Visitors To Plan Ahead

'Be prepared' should be the motto of anyone heading to the inauguration on Monday, and that extends to Metro. WMATA officials are urging riders and visitors to plan routes and fare card purchases ahead of time.

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D.C. Plans Expanded Bikeshare, Other Bike Parking For Inauguration

Bicycling may be the best way to get to D.C.'s inaugural events on Monday, and city officials are preparing to accommodate thousands of bikes that will need to be parked downtown.

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Tysons Residents Fight To Preserve Area's Last Forest

Some Fairfax County residents are preparing to celebrate a victory in saving one of the last pieces of green space near Tysons Corner. The land was being considered for a four-lane road, but county officials are expected to pull the plan.

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Metro GM: 'Don't Blame Me' For Blue Line Reductions

Metro General Manager Richard Sarles says he is not to blame for the decision to reduce the number of Blue Line trains.

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Metro Extends H6 Bus Line To Costco

The new Costco in Northeast D.C. has been quite popular, so now Metro has extended the H6 bus line to get more people to the big box store.

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Metro's General Manager Releases 2014 Budget

Metro's general manager released his proposed 2014 budget today, but riders shouldn't expect to see funding for more eight-car trains during rush hour among his recommendations.

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Planners: Regional Job Growth Should Focus On 'Activity Centers'

As the D.C. region continues to expand by leaps and bounds, urban planners are pushing for a focus on areas that mix transportation with living spaces, office buildings and retail.

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McDonnell Proposes Higher Sales Tax To Replace Gas Tax

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell unveiled a new plan to fund transportation in the commonwealth on Tuesday, including a provision to replace the gas tax with an overall sales tax increase and fees on alternative fuel vehicles.