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Montgomery County Urges MDOT Not To Divert Purple Line Funds

Montgomery County officials are urging Maryland's transportation department not to shift funds needed to design the Purple Line light rail project into other areas.

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McDonnell's Transportation Funding Plan Dies In Virginia Senate

Two Republican floor amendments were shot down in the Virginia Senate Tuesday evening, effectively killing the transportation funding plan endorsed by the governor.

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D.C. Most Congested Area The Fourth Year Running

Anybody who drives in the D.C. area knows the roads are often jammed, but for the fourth year in a row, a report has identified commutes in the area as the nation's worst.

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Virginia House Passes Bill Eliminating State Gas Tax

As Virginia lawmakers debate the future of transportation funding in the commonwealth, much of the debate centers on whether the use of fuel efficiency vehicles should be encouraged or taxed to make up for the gas tax.

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Maryland Increases Speed Limit On ICC

Maryland commuters will get be able to put the pedal ever so slightly closer to the metal starting in March, when the MDTA raises the speed limit to 60 miles per hour.

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Virginia House Committee Passes McDonnell's Transportation Plan

A transportation funding overhaul in Virginia got the approve of the State House Finance Committee Wednesday; the plan to eliminate the state's gas tax and increase sales tax now goes to the Senate Finance Committee.

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McDonnell's Transportation Plan Goes Before House Committee

The Virginia legislature will begin debate today on a plan from Gov. Bob McDonnell to overhaul transportation funding in the state. The plan could come before the full House and Senate next week. 

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McDonnell: Tolls On I-95 Are Necessary

Some Virginia lawmakers have voiced their opposition to a plan to add tollbooths to a stretch of I-95, but the governor says that, barring another funding source, the tolls are necessary,.

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Virginia Shies Away From Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax

Virginia is gearing up for a public policy battle over how to fund the state's transportation infrastructure, but one progressive tax — the vehicle miles traveled scheme — isn't on the table as part of the budget plan.

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Congestion Pricing Draws Skepticism From Area Commuters

Area commuters responded more favorably to a gas tax than the idea of congestion pricing, according to a new study conducted by the National Capital Region Transportation Planning Board.