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Contractors Vying For Silver Line Phase II Have History Of Busting Budgets

There are five construction companies currently in the running for the Silver Phase II contract, and many of them have a track record of going over budget on public projects in Virginia.

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Low-Bid Process For Silver Line Phase II May Foster Hidden Costs

Bids from contractors on Phase II of the Silver Line come in soon, and while a focus on taking the lowest bidder does lighten the load on drivers, history shows that those savings may prove illusory.

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Purple Line A Tough Sell To Many Affected Maryland Residents

While many in Annapolis are pleased with the potential of a Purple Line addition to the Metro, many business owners and local residents are expressing concern for their neighborhoods and businesses.

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How Arlington Is Avoiding D.C.'s Traffic Nightmare

Despite explosive economic and population growth in Arlington, Va., after the last couple decades, the county's multifaceted effort to curb traffic appears to be working on many area roadways.

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With A Few Tweaks, Commission Agrees To June 1 Deadline For Credit Cards In Cabs

The D.C. Taxicab Commission revised a proposal Wednesday that will compensate cab drivers for the costs associated with the installation and maintenance of credit card systems.

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Commuters May Finally Be Able To Catch An S Line Bus

Riders on the S bus line in Northwest D.C. have long complained of lines, crowded conditions and delays. After a groundswell of commuter complaints, Metro says they will add service Monday.

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Metro Looks To Replace SmarTrip With Credit Card Payments

The effort to replace SmarTrip cards with direct credit card payments is behind schedule, but WMATA remains committed to the change, which would save the transit agency tens of millions a year.

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Do You Know When The Silver Line Is Scheduled To Open?

Confusion persists about the Silver Line, which is why WMATA is holding public meetings to gather common questions and concerns about the $6.8 billion project, including when it opens and how it affects peoples' commute.

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Services Like Car2Go Render D.C. Parking Minimums Moot, Advocates Say

As the District contemplates eliminating parking requirements for some developments, experts say car sharing services can more than meet the excess demand for transit within the city.

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Bicyclists In D.C. To Lobby For Safety

Cyclists ask lawmakers for wider bike lanes and better accident statistics.