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Pro-Labor Agreement Dropped From Dulles Rail Plan

Airports authority board members voted against a pro-labor agreement for the construction of the next phase of the Dulles rail line this morning.

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Dulles Rail Supporters, Opponents Plead With Loudoun Board

Is the Dulles rail line the answer to Loudoun's prayers or a big mistake for the county? Residents and lawmakers alike are still hashing it out.

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'Green Lane Project' Aims For More Bike Lanes

A new initiative is paving the way for more bicycle lanes in the District.

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NTSB Releases Report On Metro Accidents

The National Transportation Safety Board's final report on three Metro accidents faults the rail system's inadequate safeguards and lack of communication.

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Loudoun County Divided Over Silver Line Commitment

Loudoun County will be holding a public hearing Monday to hear ideas as to how to pay for their $200 million commitment to the Silver Line construction project.

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From A to B: Construction Crews Preserve Georgetown, One Stone at a Time

We dig in to Georgetown's past, as construction crews replace the stones and trolley lines in the neighborhood's historic O and P Streets.

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From A To B: Welcome To... SuperNoVa?

Transportation planners in Virginia are imagining the future of life in a region they're calling "SuperNova."

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Metro Isolating Cause Of Red Line Door Malfunctions

Metro was able to replicate the incident earlier this week when doors on two Red Line cars opened while the train was in motion. Inspections for similar problems across the Metro fleet will begin immediately.

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From A To B: How Does D.C.'s Transit Stack Up Locally?

We tour our region to ask how we stack up to cities in Europe and Asia when it comes to getting commuters where they need to go.

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From A To B: Families Try To Bring Back Walking, Biking To School

A generation ago, many American kids walked or biked to work. Now, some families are trying to revive that tradition.