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Wheelchair-Accessibility Deadline For Taxis Prompts Threat, Confusion

The D.C. Taxicab Commission is ordering 21 companies to cease all operations by July 15 for failing to meet a deadline to convert at least 6 percent of their fleets to wheelchair-accessible vehicles. But some companies on that list say they weren't required to meet the standard.

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To Fix Blue Line, Metro Considers Cutting Service On Four Others

The plan is designed to restore capacity to the transit authority’s most crowded line by running trains less frequently on the Green, Yellow, Orange, and Silver Lines during peak travel periods.

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How To Fund Purple Line? Questions Outnumber Answers

The state of Maryland will move forward with building the Purple Line, but only if Montgomery and Prince George's counties put more money toward the project. Where that cash will come from is anybody's guess at the moment.
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Pushing Forward With The Purple Line In Maryland

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has authorized a proposal to build a light rail line connecting Montgomery and Prince George's Counties. But he wants local jurisdictions to pay more for it. We explore where the debate heads from here.

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Big Outdoor Parking Lots Look Like Something Else To Montgomery County

The steadily urbanizing Maryland county's surface parking lots might be convenient for motorists, but many of them also happen to be on prime real estate.

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As Part Of Multibillion-Dollar Package For Roads, Hogan Says 'Yes' To Purple Line

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced a major shift in state transportation spending to prioritize the maintenance and expansion of roads and bridges over investment in mass transit projects.
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Hogan To Announce Nearly $2 Billion For Roads, Bridges In Maryland

A plan to spend $2 billion Maryland infrastructure will be announced Thursday.
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Metro Safety Makeover Is Possible, But Priorities Must Be Set, NTSB Head Says

After two days of hearings on the deadly L'Enfant Plaza smoke incident, Christopher Hart said his agency has a better understanding of what might have gone wrong in the tunnel, and what Metro can do to improve.

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Day 2 Of NTSB Hearings Turns On Metro's Close-Call Reporting System

Metro's safety culture was under the microscope on the second day of NTSB hearings, including some memorable exchanges about the bathroom habits of train operators.

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Thousands Of Documents, But No 'Solid Conclusions' In Metro Smoke Incident

A chaotic picture emerged from the first day of testimony at National Transportation Safety Board headquarters about the harrowing Jan. 12 incident.