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2,000 Miles Of Bicycle, Pedestrian Projects Recommended By Regional Planners

As regional planners turn their sights on the next several decades, bike lanes and pedestrian pathways feature prominently — especially protected lanes, which add a feeling of safety from vehicle traffic.

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With Streetcar Dead, Arlington Ponders: What's Next?

The demise of the Arlington streetcar has sparked debate over what comes next, and the responses range from an extension of Metro to better bus service.
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Plows, Salt Are Ready In Maryland, But Officials Hope The Weather Cooperates

New "monster plows" carry more fuel and salt, but the state transportation authority would prefer to use less this year.

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Arlington County Shelves Plans For $333 Million Streetcar System

In several elections, voters sided with anti-streetcar candidates. County Board Chairman Jay Fisette said the project was no longer tenable.

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Uber Seeks Changes To Wheelchair-Accessible Taxi Bill

A bill headed for the D.C. Council's transportation committee would raise the required number of wheelchair-accessible taxis for cab companies in the District, but Uber is balking at the bill's reporting requirements.

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Metro Chairman Pushes For Increase In Public Transit Benefits

For federal employees, the maximum monthly parking subsidy is $250, compared to just $130 for public transit. Metro Chairman Tom Downs wants to see those numbers match.

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Software On Metro Farecard Machines Upgraded After SmarTrip Scam Uncovered

A recent scam that allowed Metro users to charge their SmarTrip cards but still walk away with cash caused the transit agency to upgrade the software on all the system's farecard machines.
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European Trams Offer Lessons for Arlington As It Debates Streetcar Plan

In Europe, streetcars are part of many urban cityscapes. So will the European model work in an American community like Arlington?
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D.C. Bike Crash Compensation Bill Delayed Once Again

A D.C. Council committee again decided to delay a final vote on a bill that would help bicyclists seek compensation of injured in a crash.

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Changes Could Cause Phase II Of Silver Line To Top $2.7 Billion Cost Estimate

Phase II of the Silver Line is already expected to cost $2.7 billion, but required safety upgrades not initially included in estimates could push the costs even higher.