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In Arlington, Cash-Friendly Bikeshare Eliminates A Barrier To Low-Income Residents

"One of the criticisms of bikesharing throughout the country is that you have to have a credit card to access this system," says Chris Hamilton, who runs Arlington's Commuter Services bureau. He says the cash program is designed to help folks who do not have credit or debit cards.
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Bill Would Automate Toll Collection On Bay Bridge, Ideally Slashing Wait Times

A Republican lawmaker from Maryland thinks he has the solution to heavy traffic crossing the Bay Bridge.
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At Hearing On Metro Incident, First Responders Complain Of Radio Problems

The D.C. Council’s first public hearing on Metro’s L’Enfant Plaza disaster revealed little new information about what went wrong, but the three-hour session did expose concerns about first responders’ radio communications systems and training.
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Cold Air Prompts Metro To Reduce Train Speeds On Some Tracks

Metro said it had capped speeds at 40 miles per hour over certain sections of track because cold weather can cause rails to crack.

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Proposed Cut To Gas Tax Is About 'Transparency,' Hogan Says

Indexing the state's gasoline tax to inflation results in increases that lawmakers don't actually vote on, Hogan argues.

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Metro Faces Federal Safety Audit As Probe Of Smoke Incident Continues

The Federal Transit Administration says it will conduct a safety management inspection of Metro's rail and bus systems starting next month.

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D.C. Firefighters Find More Communication Problems In Metro System

The D.C. Fire Department is discovering more problems with its radios inside Metro tunnels.
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Business Leaders To Hogan: Build The Purple Line

It's not just transit advocates pulling for the Purple Line in Maryland — business leaders say it would be good for the bottom line.

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Proposal For Montgomery County Transit Authority Scrapped

Just two months ago, Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett proposed an independent transit authority for the county. After a flurry of criticism in Annapolis, the plan is beign reconsidered.

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MoCo Firefighters Find Communications Dead Zones In Metro System

Montgomery County firefighters are having trouble communicating inside Metro stations, three weeks after communication problems may have delayed a rescue effort at L'Enfant Plaza.