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After L'Enfant Incident, Metro Releases Safety Video

A new safety video produced by Metro tells passengers what and what not to do in the event of an incident like January's deadly electrical malfunction that filled a Yellow Line train at L'Enfant Plaza with smoke.
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Bowser Pick For Metro Board Seeks Peace With Transit Worker Union

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s appointee to represent the District on Metro’s board of directors is reaching out to the transit authority’s largest labor union in a bid to answer questions about his business background amid accusations of anti-labor bias.
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Metro's Long-Awaited New Railcars To Make April Debut On Blue Line

After years of anticipation and months of safety testing, Metro finally is ready to roll out its new railcars — and begin the long process of replacing old railcars that cause so many daily breakdowns.
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Getting More Highway Funding Via Corporate Tax Reform: Q&A With Rep. John Delaney

The federal Highway Trust Fund is set to run out of cash again. The Maryland Democrat is pushing for legislation that would shore up the fund with money from new sources.

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Threats And Abuse Are Part Of The Job At Metro, Drivers And Station Managers Say

At a meeting organized by the Metro employees union, the transit system's subway station managers, bus drivers and other employees talked about the fears that come with their work.

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How To Report Potholes For D.C.'s Annual Potholepalooza

The District Department of Transportation has set a bullseye on area potholes in its annual rodeo of road resurfacing.

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DDOT Launches Another Bus Lane Study For 16th Street NW

A 3-mile stretch of 16th Street will be the subject of a year-long, $1 million study to look into what is snarling Metro's S line buses and what can be done to speed up the ride — but they're not yet sold on proposals for a dedicated bus lane.

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No 'Fatal Flaws' That Would Prevent Streetcar From Starting Service

The finding does not clear the way for the opening of the streetcar, but it does provide relief after DDOT's new chief said the entire project could be canceled.
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Federal Agency Investigating Labor Squabble Involving D.C. Streetcar

The streetcar system in Northeast D.C. has not carried a single passenger, but it is already embroiled in a controversy being investigated by the National Labor Relations Board.

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What Does Metro Need More: A Transit Specialist Or A Financial Guru?

Maryland’s new transportation chief, Pete Rahn, is adding his voice to the growing number of public officials who say Metro should hire a "financial whiz" instead of a transit specialist as its next general manager.