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Area Leaders Pledge $75 Million For Metro Upgrades, Including Eight-Car Trains

Metro received a major commitment from the leaders of its three jurisdictions on Wednesday in the form of a promise of funding to upgrade the rail system’s capacity.
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Reliability Concerns, Not Safety, Behind Silver Line Delay

Signaling problems are behind the most recent delay for Phase I of the Silver Line, but officials connected to the project stress that the issues causing the delay differ significantly from the signaling problems that led to the 2009 crash on the Red Line.

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Silver Line Delayed Again After Problems With Contractor

Those hoping for a speedy open to the Silver Line will likely be disappointed, as MWAA says contractor Bechtel has failed to meet more than half of their testing criteria.

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Four Metro Stations Closed On Orange Line This Weekend

There's more service adjustments in the works for Metro this weekend, this time with four station closings on the Orange Line.

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For Car-Free Advocates, Snow Helped Make A Point About How We Use Roads

The snow that covered the region in recent weeks may have been a nightmare for many drivers, but for advocates of alternative modes of transit it helped prove a point about how we use our roads.
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From A To B: The Wait for New Transportation Projects Continues

From the multi-billion dollar Silver Line in Virginia to the new credit-card machines in D.C. cabs, we'll find out why so many transportation projects are taking so long to implement.

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Paper Or Plastic? D.C. Cab Drivers Still Refusing Credit Cards

The head of the D.C. Taxicab Commission went before the D.C. Council on Wednesday, where council member Mary Cheh related a story about a cab driver refused to let her daughter pay by credit card.

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MWAA Approval Still Pending For Silver Line Completion

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority has until Monday to sign off on the completion of the Silver Line before the project is passed over to Metro for final testing.

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Maryland's Gubernatorial Contenders Agree: The Purple Line Must Be Built

Though the contenders for Maryland's top office differ on some of the details, they all largely agree that the 16-mile light rail line from Bethesda to New Carrollton should be built.