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Area Airports Getting Technology To Help Planes Land More Quickly

Washington-area airports are the first in the nation to begin using new technology to get travelers to and from their destinations faster.
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D.C. Council Tables Bike Crash Liability Bill Until 2015

Bicyclists and pedestrians in Washington will have to wait until 2015 for help when it comes to collecting compensation for injuries sustained in traffic crashes.
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When Is The Best Time To Travel This Thanksgiving?

Wednesday before Thanksgiving may not be the worst time after all, says one transportation planner.
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Will You Delete Uber App Following Controversial Comments From Exec?

Uber has weathered a wave of bad publicity in recent days, following comments from a company executive that he was considering hiring researchers to dig up dirt against a journalist critical of the company.

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Why Virginia's Gas Tax Will Go Up After The New Year

Expect prices at the pump to increase in the Commonwealth of Virginia next year, thanks in part to Congressional inaction on online sales tax.

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D.C. Puts The Brakes On Bill To Increase Number Of Wheelchair-Accessible Cabs

Those hoping for the D.C. Council to mandate an increase in the number of wheelchair-accessible cabs — currently sitting around 20 — will have to wait until next year.

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Are Drivers Ready For New 95 Express Lanes In Virginia?

Northern Virginia's next new toll road is almost ready for motorists, but the company building the highway says motorists aren't prepared for it.
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Despite Work, Some Metro Escalators Are Down More Often Than Going Down

Despite the heralded replacement of many broken escalators throughout the Metro system, some of the new escalators are suffering many of the same technical problems as the units they replaced.
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2,000 Miles Of Bicycle, Pedestrian Projects Recommended By Regional Planners

As regional planners turn their sights on the next several decades, bike lanes and pedestrian pathways feature prominently — especially protected lanes, which add a feeling of safety from vehicle traffic.

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With Streetcar Dead, Arlington Ponders: What's Next?

The demise of the Arlington streetcar has sparked debate over what comes next, and the responses range from an extension of Metro to better bus service.