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Man Saved After Wheelchair Goes Off Metro Platform At U Street

A surveillance video from the U Street Metro station shows a man falling on the tracks after his wheelchair rolled off the platform.

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Despite Speed Camera, Residents Say Maryland Avenue Remains Dangerous

Residents in one Northeast D.C. neighborhood asked the police to put up a speed camera to slow down commuters who use a four-lane avenue like a highway — but the speed camera doesn't seem to be working.
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How The D.C. Region Became Among The Most Uber-Friendly In The U.S.

With regulation for ride-hailing apps passed in D.C., Virginia and now Maryland, the National Capital region is among the most favorable in the country for the likes of Uber. But why here and not elsewhere?

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Transportation Secretary Calls On Congress To Fix Highway Funding Quandary

The federal fund that pays for road and transit projects is scheduled to run out of money in July — two months later than expected — and the Obama administration's top transportation official is once again calling on Congress to find a long-term solution.
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Sen. Kaine: No Bi-County Parkway Without 'Community Consensus'

The Virginia Democrat says nobody is telling him that the controversial road project is a priority.

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Virginia To Congress: Stop Approving New Flights Out Of Reagan National Airport

Dulles Airport is suffering as a result of Congressional favoritism for Reagan National Airport, Virginia officials say. Is it time to cut back on the number of flights out of the Arlington hub?
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Full Signal Coverage On Metro For First Responders, Passengers Still Years Away

The deadly smoke incident in a tunnel at L'Enfant Plaza earlier this year prompted Metro to improve the reliability of radios for first responders — but it will be years before a project to up the reliability to 99 percent is complete.

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New Maryland Ride-Hailing Regulations Address Background Checks, Insurance

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft are unregulated no more — at least in Maryland, where lawmakers closed the loop on some persistent questions about the way these services operate.

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Metro Sees Land Development Leading To Big Ridership Increases

The development of dense urban development around Metro stations in the D.C. region is bolstering Metro ridership forecasts in the coming years and may weigh in on how the transit agency deals with strained rail capacity.

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The Lucky 7000? Metro's New Cars Make Their First Trips

The new railcars are not only better at protecting passengers in a crash, they are supposed to be more reliable than the aging cars Metro expends so much time and energy maintaining.