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New Maryland Ride-Hailing Regulations Address Background Checks, Insurance

Ride-hailing apps like Uber and Lyft are unregulated no more — at least in Maryland, where lawmakers closed the loop on some persistent questions about the way these services operate.

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Metro Sees Land Development Leading To Big Ridership Increases

The development of dense urban development around Metro stations in the D.C. region is bolstering Metro ridership forecasts in the coming years and may weigh in on how the transit agency deals with strained rail capacity.

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The Lucky 7000? Metro's New Cars Make Their First Trips

The new railcars are not only better at protecting passengers in a crash, they are supposed to be more reliable than the aging cars Metro expends so much time and energy maintaining.

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Metro's Budget Might Be In The Red, But Experts Say It's Not Totally Off The Rails

Should the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority's next leader be looking for light at the end of the tunnel for the system's finances? One analysis says other priorities might be more important.

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Metro Jurisdictions To Save Big Under Modified Railcar Expansion Proposal

Metro’s regional jurisdictions would save $800 million this decade under a modified railcar expansion plan now under consideration, transit authority officials said on Thursday.
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Judge Spares Driver From Late Fees For Unpaid Tolls On Beltway Express Lanes

Defense lawyers say decision from a Fairfax County judge could benefit thousands of drivers who've been told they've run up huge monetary penalties for unpaid tolls on the Capital Beltway's Express Lanes.
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Tired Of Herky Jerky Stops? Metro To Phase In Computer Control Next Week

Metro trains have been under manual control since a 2009 Red Line crash killed nine passengers. The process of going back to computer control will begin next week.

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New Metro Proposal Would Scale Back Plan For All 8-Car Trains During Rush Hour

Metro is developing a proposal to scale back plans to run all 8-car trains during rush hours, a key piece of the transit authority’s Momentum expansion program approved in June 2013.
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Before Passengers Grace D.C. Streetcar, Rails Already Under Repair

No, you still can't ride a streetcar down H Street. But work is underway to repair broken lines and address a laundry list of recommendations from national safety experts.

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Investigation Underway Into Causes Of Second Metro Smoke Incident

The National Transportation Safety Board is taking a look at another incidence of smoke on the Yellow Line in February, and whether it bears any resemblance to the incident that claimed the life of passenger Carol Glover in January.