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Metro Board Chair Wants Answers To Reports Of Improper Lobbying

A former senior Metro executive-turned-lobbyist has allegedly been using his insider contacts on behalf of one of Metro's biggest contractors, according to a private email obtained by WAMU News. Now, the board of directors is asking for answers.

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Few Turn Out To Discuss $851 Million Metro Improvement Plan

Leaders at Metro say a proposed $851 million Capital Improvement Plan will address the issues passengers care about the most.

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Former Metro Executive Now Lobbying For Metro Contractor

WAMU has learned that a former senior executive at Metro is now lobbying Metro on behalf of one of its biggest contractors.

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Metro Holds Public Hearing On Spending Improvement Funds

For all the criticism Metro has received over rail and even escalator safety lately, just two people showed up to speak at a public hearing at Metro headquarters Monday.

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D.C. Council Scrutinizes 'Fully-Loaded' SUVs

Lawmakers in the District continue to scrutinize how the city leases vehicles for government use.

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Loudoun May Withdraw Funding From Dulles Metrorail

Cost estimates continue to rise for the second phase of the Dulles Metrorail project -- from Herndon to Dulles Airport and beyond. And now Loudoun County may withdraw its share of the funding for the project.