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DMV Ticket Database Says DPW Vehicles Owe Nearly 30K In Fines

Vehicles registered to the city's Department of Public Works, the agency in charge of writing parking tickets, have racked up nearly $30,000 in outstanding parking fines and fees –- that's according to online records with the DMV.

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O'Malley Heads To Capitol Hill To Pitch For Funds

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley headed to Capitol Hill to present his federal funding wish list. Transportation funding topped the governor's list.

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Bill For Federal Subway Standards Sponsored By Local Senators

Some lawmakers from Maryland and Virginia are introducing a bill in Congress to establish federal standards for subway systems, including D.C.'s Metro. This isn't the first time such a bill has been considered.

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Alexandria Workers To Experience Gridlock

In Virginia, many commuters on I-395 are about to triple the time they spend on their daily commute.

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Metro's Early Weekend Closing Plan Moves Forward

A plan to shut down Metro train service three hours earlier on weekends is moving forward.

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Fewer Drivers On First Day Of ICC Tolls

Ridership on Maryland's Intercounty Connector took a big dip Monday, the first day that drivers had to pay for riding the new roadway.