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Bus Rapid Transit: 'Not Your Father's Bus'

Council members in Montgomery County, Md., received an update on plans to build Bus Rapid Transit lines in the county this week. The price tag for the plan is high, but at least one County Council member says it must be built because Montgomery County is losing the transit battle with its neighbors.

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Bin Laden White House Rally A Boon For Capital Bikeshare

News about the killing of Osama bin Laden had an unexpected impact on D.C.'s Department of Transportation Sunday night -- heavy usage of the city's bike sharing program.

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Howard County Approves Speed Cameras

Slow down -- speed cameras are coming to Maryland's Howard County.

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Alexandria May Impose Additional Taxes On Commercial Properties

Commercial property owners in Alexandria could pay higher taxes in the coming year, if the city government decides to implement a transportation fund tax for commercial land.

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Added Security Just A 'Precautionary' Measure, Says Metro

Metro is increasing security on its buses and trains to prepare for any potential reprisals from Sunday's killing of Osama bin Laden.

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Chesapeake Expressway Toll Triples

Millions of tourists making their way to North Carolina's Outer Banks will soon pay more to drive through Virginia to get there.

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Metro Fires Technicians Who Left Escalator Hatch Open, Injuring Rider

A Metro rider is recovering from serious injuries after she fell through an escalator hatch accidentally left open, and Metro’s top safety executives are now wondering how it happened.