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ICC Drivers Now Need E-ZPass To Avoid Fine

Beginning Wednesday, riding the ICC highway in Maryland without an E-ZPass device will land you a fine.

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Free Saturday Parking Could End In Bethesda

Parking is free Saturday in Bethesda, Md. But that may not last.

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Cellphone Can Now Pay Parking Meters In Bethesda

Parking rates may be going up in Montgomery County, Md., but drivers will have a new way to pay. For those tired of lugging around handfuls of quarters to feed parking meters, they will now have an alternative: a cellphone.

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Circulator Riders Not Happy About Cuts

Starting today, D.C. is cutting one of the routes of its popular Circulator bus service. The District is also proposing more cuts for later this year, and loyal Circulator riders are not happy.

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U.S. Traffic Deaths Drop To Lowest Level Since 1940s

Americans are less likely to be killed in highway crashes these days than any time in the last 60 years.

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Metro Escalator Problems Cause Delays

All of the escalators at the Foggy Bottom Metro station are out of service, causing delays for riders Friday morning.