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Metro Committee Approves Contract Amid Ethics Questions

Metro is moving forward with a $200 million contract extension for the company that operates its Metro Access service, despite some questions about whether the contractor may have engaged in unethical lobbying.

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DOD Project Gets More Funding, But Ramp Construction Is Delayed

In Virginia, the arrival of more than 6,000 federal workers to the new Department of Defense complex along I-395 is just months away, and federal lawmakers have freed up $20 million in funding for transportation improvements in the area. But this week brought good and bad news for those concerned.

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Metro To Formulate Budget Menu

Metro is narrowing down its options to fill a $74 million gap in its budget for the coming fiscal year.

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FAA Adds Second Controller To Night Shift At Reagan Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration has added a second air traffic controller to late night shifts at Reagan National Airport.

The change comes after a lone tower controller fell asleep while on duty last month and failed to assist two pilots who were set to land planes at the airport.

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Considering Buying A Hybrid To Use HOV? Do It Before July 1

For almost a decade, a hybrid car was the key to an easy, breezy commute along Northern Virginia's I-66. That's because the energy-efficient vehicles got even single drivers access to the road's HOV lanes.

But a law implemented by the Virginia General Assembly this week cuts off that privilege for new hybrid drivers.