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Silver Spring Transit Center Almost Ready — Again

In what must have sounded like a familiar remark to local taxpayers, the county official overseeing the project said the future rail-and-bus hub finally is fixed.

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D.C. Cab Companies Struggle To Meet Wheelchair-Accessible Deadline

Six percent of D.C.'s taxi fleet is supposed to be wheelchair-accessible by June 29, but many companies are struggling to meet the deadline, leaving disability rights advocates frustrated.

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Taxi Regulations, E-Hail App Targeted By Montgomery County Council

With the state of Maryland taking responsibility for regulating ride-hailing, officials in Montgomery County are turning their transportation aspirations to reforming regulations for traditional taxicabs.

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Metro Gets Initial OK To Retire Aging Railcars, Purchase New 7000-Series Trains

A plan by Metro to order an additional 220 modern railcars received key support on Thursday when federal transit officials conditionally approved a plan to use the new trains to replace close to 200 of its older, underperforming railcar models.
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House Cuts Metro Funding, Prompting Complaints From Local Lawmakers

D.C.-area members of Congress are calling on House Republicans to restore funding for Metro safety improvements after the House cut the federal government's funding for Metro by $50 million.
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D.C. Council Wrestles With Questions About Parking For Drivers With Disabilities

How many parking spaces should be reserved for people with disabilities, and where should they be located? Those are questions the D.C. Council is trying to answer after the troubled rollout last year of the city's red-top meter program.
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Call It The Hogan Line: Maryland Seeks Study Of Baltimore-To-D.C. Maglev

While the governor is checking out Japan's superfast trains, the Maryland Department of Transportation has applied for a federal grant to study a maglev line.

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Va. Transportation Chief 'Greatly Concerned' About Search For Metro GM

With Metro without a leader since January, Virginia is telling Metro to pick up the pace of its search for a general manager.
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Was Amtrak Engineer On His Cell Phone Before Deadly Derailment? Investigators Can't Say

Three weeks after eight passengers were killed and more than 200 were injured in the derailment of an Amtrak train on its way from D.C. to New York, federal investigators can't say whether the engineer was on his cell phone instead of paying full attention to his job.
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Memorial Bridge: A Symbol Of What Ails America's Crumbling Infrastructure

With two lanes of the Memorial Bridge closed because an inspection found rapidly corroding support beams, local officials are calling on Congress to pay for the repair of crumbling infrastructure.