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D.C. Streetcar Line Gets A Hard Look This Week From Team Of Experts

The weeklong "peer review" of the H Street and Benning Road line will be done by officials from public transit organizations across the U.S. that have introduced streetcar lines in their own cities.

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Discord On Metro Board As Search For New General Manager Continues

Metro is restarting its search for a new general manager after three finalists to replace the retired Richard Sarles pulled out of consideration.
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New D.C. Taxicab Chief Plans To Bring Cabs To Underserved Neighborhoods

The District’s new taxicab chief hopes to bring taxis to long underserved neighborhoods as early as this spring, modeling his program on New York’s green cab system that created a fleet of vehicles to serve that city’s outer boroughs.
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Why Is Arlington Considering Slashing Its Budget For Alternative Transit?

Arlington County is known for its commitment to transit, biking and walking to minimize traffic congestion over the past several decades. That is why some are puzzled as to why the county is considering cutting funding for those initiatives.
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Transportation App Bridj Has Bus-Sized Ambitions For D.C.

It works similar to other ride-sharing apps, in that you establish a location and destination, and order a ride. But you'll be shown where to catch a Bridj bus, instead of getting a vehicle at your door.

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New Goal Set For D.C.: Totally Eliminate Pedestrian Deaths

The Bowser administration will adopt Vision Zero — a program designed to assess street redesigns and other issues with the goal of totally making the city safe for pedestrians.

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New Escalator At Dupont Circle South Already Undergoing Major Repair

Metro spent nine months and $12 million rebuilding the escalators at Dupont Circle South. So riders are asking themselves: why is one of those escalators broken already?

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Bowser Administration Considering Killing D.C. Streetcar Expansion Plans

The original vision for the D.C. Streetcar system was a 22-miles of track to connect disparate parts of the District. But a changing budget climate has led to pared down plans that could diminish the streetcar's value.

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Hogan's Pick For Transportation Secretary To Get Second Day Of Scrutiny

Lawmakers in Maryland's executive nominations committee didn't get in all the questions they had for Pete Rahn during his confirmation hearing last week, so they will take another pass Monday.

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Metro Sets Aside Plan For Fare Hike, Substantial Service Cuts

Metro’s board of directors shelved a proposal on Thursday to raise rail and bus fares about a dime and make substantial service cuts.