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Replacement Of Metro's Delay-Prone Old Rail Cars Delayed

Metro riders have been waiting a long time for new rail cars to replace the ones that have been in use since the transit system’s inception — and they'll have to wait at least a couple months longer.
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Discrimination Complaints Trickle In About D.C. Cabs

The DCTC has gotten a handful of complaints since streamlining the complaint process for racial discrimination among D.C. cab drivers last month, but D.C. cabbies themselves maintain their decisions are motivated by safety and good business practices.

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Metro Adding More Bike, Car Parking On Silver Line

Metro has announced that they will be adding more bike racks at the McLean Metro station after WAMU 88.5 reported that spots were in short supply.

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Neglected D.C. Sidewalks Pose Threat To Seniors, Report Says

The city has had a long backlog of sidewalks that need repair, and they're making it harder for D.C. seniors to get around.
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Glut Of Parking For Cars, Shortage For Bikes At McLean Metro Station

A big concern for the Silver Line was whether there would be enough car parking, but more than a month after opening day, the only shortage at the McLean Metro station is a shortage of places for people to lock their bikes.

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'The Rent Is Too Damn High' Sloganeer Now Working For Hailo Taxi App

To compete with the popular UberX, e-hailing service Hailo has cut its fares and hired a new spokesperson, a somewhat infamous New York City mayoral candidate.
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Much Like D.C., Fight Over Regulating Uber Coming To Montgomery County

A Montgomery County Council member is warning colleagues not to regulate Uber and other ride sharing services "out of the county."
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UberX Drivers Busted For Allegedly Taking Street Hails In D.C.

The tech company Uber is embroiled in another battle with D.C. regulators, this time over tickets handed to UberX drivers for allegedly taking street hails.
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Cycling Advocates Say Streetcars Putting The Squeeze On H Street Cyclists

The District Department of Transportation is clarifying rules that cycling advocates say will effectively bar the use of pedal power on H Street in favor of the streetcar.

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Labor Day Heralds End Of Summer, 'Terrible Traffic Tuesday'

In August, traffic is typically lighter on the roads and its easier to find a seat on the Metro. Now that Labor Day is behind us, expect the usual annual crush.